Cricketers sliding into actors' DMs: Saheefa Jabbar Khattak's had enough of such 'silly questions'

Actor took to her Instagram Stories to discuss the same

Entertainment Desk April 23, 2024

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak has had enough of the line of questioning in interviews. After Nawal Saeed spoke up about receiving flirtatious messages from cricketers, and Nazish Jahangir shared her view on whether or not she would marry Babar Azam, Saheefa took to her Instagram Stories to address the queries that led to such revelations.

"Isn't it kind of funny how interviews end up chatting about who's dating whom or if actresses are getting texts from cricketers?" questioned the actor. "It's like, come on, there's got to be more interesting stuff to talk about, right?" She continued, "I mean, do these hosts even bother with proper research or is it all just for show? It's a shame that interviews these days seem more about scandals and silly questions than anything meaningful." 

Reflecting on her own experiences, Saheefa shared, "Looking back, I've had some pretty rough interviews, and I'm not here to make excuses for that. I've realised that I need to be more mindful and responsible about what I say, especially when there's a camera rolling or it's being recorded. But you know
what? It's not just on me; interviewers should also step up their game. They need to do their homework and ask meaningful questions instead of just fishing for scandals all the time."

The star furthered, "I've been invited to a few comedy shows, and they've ended up diving into topics like mental health. Now, don't get me wrong, mental health is super important, but maybe not the best fit for a comedy gig. I mean, how do you summarise something as complex as that in just a minute or two? It's tough! I think it's all about setting the right tone for the show. If it's comedy, keep it light, keep it funny. Save the deeper stuff for platforms that are built for it."

Capping off her thoughts, Saheefa remarked, "And those questions about cricketers sliding into DMs? Kind of absurd, right? Like, we're all grown-ups here. If someone's showing interest, it's not a scandal, it's just human interaction. No need to make it seem like cricketers are from a different planet and actors are on some pedestal. Let's keep it real and respectful, you know?"

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