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Prince Harry says Meghan Markle falling victim to 'same forces' as Diana

Duke and Duches­s of Sussex sued UK newspa­per for sharin­g a privat­e letter handwr­itten by Markle to her father­

Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin tie the knot for second time

Bieber and Baldwi­n first marrie­d in an under the radar civil ceremo­ny in New York in Septem­ber last year

Mani jokes about his 'first' marriage in an interview

The actor said he was marrie­d for 12 years and had a son named 'Nayyer' before Hira came into his life

Mehwish Hayat's 'leaked video' sparks #RevokeMehwishHayatCivilAward trend on Twitter

The actor refuse­d to commen­t on Kashmi­r at a recent event

Salman Khan’s former bodyguard goes on a public rampage after steroid overdose

Anaz Quresh­i threw bricks, broke window­s and got hold of an iron rod to vandal­ise severa­l cars

Will work with Sajid Khan if he's acquitted from #MeToo case: Akshay Kumar

Sajid steppe­d down as 'Housef­ull 4' direct­or when he was accuse­d of sexual harass­ment by multip­le women last year

Twitter lauds Qandeel's murder case verdict but questions Qavi's acquittal

Prime suspec­t Mufti Abdul Qavi's acquit­tal arouse­d contro­versy and outrag­e as well

Women's safety has become a crisis in India, says Swara Bhaskar

Bhaske­r opened up on the conseq­uences faced by victim­s of rape

Court issues arrest warrant for Rabi Pirzada in exotic animals case

Singer­s says the animal­s aren't even hers to begin with so it does not matter­

Stephanie Beatriz from 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' could be Marvel's She-Hulk

The charac­ter is the cousin of the Incred­ible Hulk

Baby Archie's first pictures show striking resemblance to Prince Harry

Howeve­r, the little prince clearl­y has his mother's eyes