Malala, ‘Mr Malala’ Asser Malik answer fan comments on first-year anniversary

The couple posted a fun video on Instagram reading out tweets about their relationship

Entertainment Desk November 10, 2022

It has been a year since Malala officially said yes to Asser Malik and while her decision to wed stirred a serious debate on the internet about marriage as an institution, it seems like we have finally moved on from that. Now, the “very serious comments” are about the relationship she shares with her partner, and how attractive he looks.

Malala and Asser uploaded a fun video on Instagram on Wednesday where the couple read a few selected comments about them on social media. “Some important news on our first anniversary,” read the caption of the post.

The video even began with a serious undertone where they started out strong with “there’s something really important we need to tell you” but ended up with bloopers and waves of laughter until they finally shared that they’ll take turns reading out comments in the clip.


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Reading off a card, Malala said, “I can’t wait for everyone who, not wrongly, fancies Malala’s husband to say he isn’t worth sh*t when they find out he’s 5’7.” Correcting the person, Asser reacted, “Guys, I’m 5’11, okay, 5’11.” Malala cheekily added, “But not 6.”

Malik read the next comment. “Paul Rudd is the sexiest man alive. Me and every woman I know: actually Malala’s husband,” he said. “People Magazine, if you’re listening,” he hinted at a feature as a magazine with him on the cover made its way across the screen.

This one made them both blush hard. “Malala’s husband is so hot, I can’t believe growing up people said boys wouldn’t like you if you’re a feminist and then Malala said actually that’s not true,” she read, amused.

Asser continued, “Malala’s husband really is tagging along to all important events with her, taking pics must be so fun for him,” he paused before adding a matter-of-fact “yeah”.

Given that Malala is a highly-regarded popular activist across the globe, a user jokingly demanded to alter Malik’s name as being married to Malala has become a huge part of his identity. “From now on can everyone refer to Malala’s husband as Malala’s husband or perhaps he can change his last name to Malala because I have forgotten his name already,” read Malala. “Guys I thought we were calling him Mr Malala,” she replied humorously.

Asser ended the video with a question that Malala claims he "made up" to take a dig at his wife's packing skills. “Why does Malala over pack her suitcases every single time and make her husband carry them?” Half laughing she responded, “Stop it, stop making up [things]."


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