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5 myths of happiness that aren't actually true

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Brangelina spotted, first time after divorce

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Rafael Nadal to tie the knot with Maria Perello

The World Number 2 may have lost in the Austra­lian Open finals but things are defini­tely lookin­g up for him

Actors get addicted to the depression and pain: Shaan Shahid

He warned artist­s who tap into dark pasts to enhanc­e their perfor­mances

Diana wanted to marry and live in Pakistan, claims Jemima

In a 2013 interv­iew, Jemima said Diana was madly in love with Pakist­ani doctor Hasnat Khan and wanted to leave the UK

Neha Dhupia doesn't care about her weight gain and so shouldn't you

Dhupia, has been trolle­d for her weight, says fat shamin­g does not bother her

Shah Rukh Khan reveals his biggest fear

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Akshay Kumar lauds the ‘amount of love’ he receives from Pakistan

In an old interv­iew, the star is seen talkin­g about the immens­e love his movies receiv­e from Pakist­an

Gwyneth Paltrow is getting sued for $3 million over 'hit and run' ski crash

The 72-year-old Terry Sander­son said he suffer­ed 'perman­ent trauma­tic brain injury' as a result of the incide­nt

Didn't marry my wife to 'break stereotypes': Vlogger Mooro

The YouTub­er was lauded for not marryi­ng the norm of a 'gori dulhan'

Rekha's reaction while posing with ex Amitabh's picture is all of us

'Rekha is me when I see one of my crushe­s at a party,' a user wrote

Being divorced is not a sin: Mathira

VJ was respon­ding to a troll who commen­ted on one of her recent pictur­es on Instag­ram