Grateful for the blessings: Daler Mehndi falls prey to fake news of Harry listening to his music

Twitterati reacted to the 'innocent' singer's buffoonery with hilarious puns and memes

Entertainment Desk January 21, 2023

As technology advances, it's becoming much easier to spread misinformation and fake news online. Recently, a parody Twitter account titled qualiteaposts penned a tweet which implied that Prince Harry used to listen to Daler Mehndi as his music helped him go through a rough time.

Instead of picking up on the prank, Indian singer Mehndi fell victim to the false report and took to social media to innocently thank Prince Harry for tuning in to his upbeat music.

"I am grateful to the blessings of Guru Nanak and the support of my parents, which helped me create such a unique Pop Folk Ethnic music genre. Love you, Prince Harry! I'm so grateful that my music helped you," wrote the Dangal singer.

Given Mehndi's naive response, Twitterati rushed to the comments sections of the post to take a dig at the musician.

"Oh my dear, what a betrayal! Pay no heed to it, you're the best anyways," shared a fan, while another requested his followers to tell Mehndi the truth. "Someone please tell him!" pleaded one user.

As the tweet circulated on the micro-blogging site, more tweeps chimed in the conversation with some hilarious remarks. "I just pictured Harry listening to Tunak Tunak Tun and Bolo Ta Ra Ra," commented one user.

Another expressed, "I wish I can see prince Harry dance on Tunak Tunak Tun with Meghan."

"This isn’t real for sure," playfully remarked one fan while another mocked the singer's gullibility, "Someone please find Mehndi’s drug dealer."

Even though the mockery continued, most tweeps found the post extremely pure. "Don't tell him, it's okay, we're proud of you!" said one fan. Another laughed, "Stop! nobody 'tunak' his 'tananaas'"

Many people also relied on memes to communicate their sentiments on Mehndi’s gesture.

In the end, commenters still praised the Zor Ka Jhatka singer, regardless of his honest blunder. "Everyone saying this didn’t happen is a hater," asserted a user, while another added, "Let him enjoy his moment!"

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