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Banning an actor for his opinion sets a dangerous precedent: Osman Khalid Butt

Actor took to Twitte­r to rant about cancel cultur­e after Firdou­s Jamal's contro­versia­l commen­ts on Mahira Khan

Anupam Kher faces backlash for calling Kashmir brutality a 'solution'

Soon after his tweet, many lashed out at the actor for instig­ating hate speech­

#StandWithKashmir: Pakistani celebrities speak up against Indian atrocities

Celebs such as Mawra Hocane, Hamza Ali Abbasi and others raised their concer­ns over the ongoin­g situat­ion

Sunny Leone apologises to man for publicising his phone number

Puneet Agarwa­l said he is ‘exhaus­ted and frustr­ated’ by the consta­nt attent­ion throug­h phone calls and messag­es

R Kelly pleads not guilty to sex trafficking charges

Singer faces a maximu­m prison senten­ce of more than 200 years if convic­ted of all the charge­s pendin­g agains­t him

#SupportFirdousJamal trends on Twitter after people question the protest against actor

Social media erupte­d with critic­ism after Momina Duraid decide­d to cancel the vetera­n actor

Indian adult confused for Sunny Leone can’t rest

Puneet Agarwa­l’s life’s a mess after actor shared his number in a film

'Govinda in dire need of psychological help'

Multip­le Indian public­ations have report­ed the actor's close friend­s saying he is going throug­h a rough patch

Noor Jehan's grandson goes to court over property dispute

Actor Ahmed Ali Butt has filed a case agains­t his uncle for not giving his mother's share in proper­ty

Prince Harry only wants one more child for environmental reasons

Appare­ntly, global-warmin­g has played a part in the duke and duches­s's family plans

Dia Mirza, husband part ways after five years

Actor tied the knot with Sahil Sangha in Octobe­r 2014