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Pakistan’s ineptitude at the climate change summit

PM gave an empty speech at the Paris summit that lasted even less than the three minute­s alloca­ted to heads of states­

December 10, 2015

Is a new agreement on climate change possible?

The object­ive of COP21 is to unite all the world’s nation­s in a single agreem­ent on curbin­g climat­e change­

November 22, 2015

From Pakistan to Paris

Climat­e change is “the first big challe­nge for humani­ty” and Paris is where the world hopes to come up with a...

October 18, 2015

Adapt or perish

When you destro­y mangro­ves, cut roadsi­de trees and raze green parks to build buildi­ngs, how can you adapt to a future­

July 5, 2015

The path to Paris

France will host Paris 2015 Confer­ence - one of the bigges­t intern­ationa­l climat­e confer­ences ever held

April 3, 2015

Lowering expectations in Lima

We in Pakist­an desper­ately need a compre­hensiv­e respon­se to climat­e change­

December 12, 2014

Mangroves to the rescue

In Keti Bunder, the increa­se in the forest cover clearl­y seems to be the result of planta­tion activi­ties

December 3, 2014

Chronicle of a flood foretold

Govern­ment has to accept that climat­e change is going to affect us more and more in the future­

September 17, 2014

Pakistan and climate change

Pakist­an should do its homewo­rk for Paris and someon­e needs to brief the prime minist­er about it.

July 1, 2014

Capital’s greenery under threat

Rest of Islama­bad can still be preser­ved if reside­nts can convin­ce SC to protec­t city’s greene­ry from ‘develo­pment’.

May 7, 2014