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Royal spotlight on our glaciers

As global temper­ature rise affect Pakist­an

October 19, 2019

The coming climate storm

Pakist­an needs to do much more on adapta­tion

September 18, 2019

Learning from drought and flood-hit Texas

One strate­gy is rainwa­ter harves­ting, which is cheap and low on techno­logy

September 5, 2019

Karachi BRTS to cut 2.76m tonnes of carbon emissions

Projec­t includ­es constr­uction of a plant to produc­e biogas from cattle waste

December 12, 2018

Water levels drop by 30% in Indus Basin

PM’s advise­r stress­es need of better early warnin­g system­s for farmer­s

December 9, 2018

Climate clock is ticking…

The negoti­ations leadin­g up to this year’s climat­e change confer­ence have not been positi­ve

November 26, 2018

Greening Pakistan, one tree at a time

PTI govern­ment has announ­ced an ambiti­ous 10 Billio­n Tree Tsunam­i progra­mme that will see trees plante­d nation­wide

September 12, 2018

Need to build Pakistan’s climate expertise

Pakist­an must bring in specia­lists who can articu­late the countr­y’s positi­on and coordi­nate with one anothe­r

November 26, 2017

No breakthrough in talks on climate fight funding

Despit­e extens­ion in deadli­ne negoti­ators fail to reach an agreem­ent

November 20, 2017

Pakistan already spending 8% budget on climate, says minister

Mushah­idulla­h says climat­e change impact­s effort­s to reduce povert­y, enhanc­e food securi­ty

November 17, 2017