NWFP forms commission to investigate Hazara riots

Express April 15, 2010

PESHAWAR: The NWFP government formed a commission to conduct a judicial inquiry into the riots that have plagued Hazara for the past few days.

Seven people have been killed in the riots and more than a hundred have been injured. The commission will be led by Peshawar High Court Judge Abdul Aziz Kundi. The request for a judicial inquiry was made by the NWFP government.

The committee is expected to present its report within15 days.


ibrar khan | 13 years ago | Reply salam to all muslims living in pakistan. we are one nation, and majority of pushtoon living in khyber pushtoon khawa province, four signs of unity is balochistan sindh, pushtoon khawa and punjab. these are sign of four province, actually hazara people should be understand that majority got goal throgh struggle peacefully, if they are in majority , they should raise problmes in parliment, they are our brother, but they have a no right to cry for such a non issues points, abbotabad, mansehra are not the name of hazara poeple, these name related to foreigner, so why they are silent, please we are brother just come to the dialogue with govt,peacefully not by creating violation, because some unfamiliar parties have a dark agenda against our relation in this province, once again hazara pukhtoon zindabaad and they are brothers, so keep away from non issues.
Asif | 14 years ago | Reply Mr.waliulah i agree with u that mansehra and abbotabad are non muslim names but they people were heros of this land by the way ur peshawer is not a pushto name and we value people those who gave name Mansehra, abbotabad etc. coz they were people and u should respect hindu coz bacha khan was sarhadi gandhi and and bacha khan has family relations with gandhi family and recently haji adeel of anp has told that raja dahir was hero and MOHAMMAD BIN QASIM was wrong .so we do not to want to live with you ur pushtoon belt's economy totaly base on hazara . we give tea , electricpower, tourisim,educational institutes,tobbaco,forest , water,all dams etc and 84% revenue and you people give us klashinkov, best quality chars and girda,discriminations every qoutas and jobs for you even half pushtoon belt do not pay electric bills .time and people have changed man and we are not your slaves so AIK HI NARA SOOBA HAZARA OR other hand UDHAR TUM IDHAR HUM.TAKE LESSON FROM MQM.AND iam happy that u have three sims plz one sim give to hazaraywal coz ur been grown by our revenue.
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