China provides satisfying legal services via Internet

Published: May 21, 2019


BEIJING: China’s government-run website has provided satisfying legal services to the public via the Internet in the past year, with user satisfaction reaching 90.8 per cent.

K-P CM, governor discuss provision of internet in ex-Fata

The 12348 website was launched by Ministry of Justice in May 2018 and has seen 170 million log-ins, and more than six million registered users, with about 700,000 cases being handled online and around five million inquiries made, according to a press conference held by the ministry Monday.

A total of 922 people, including lawyers, notaries and legal aid workers, were selected by the ministry to form a team which aims to offer timely and authoritative legal services to the public through the website.

The grass is always green in cyberspace

The website on Monday also launched an English channel, a new page to offer legal assistance for migrant workers and a map of legal service institutions across the country.

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