PM Imran blames previous govts for backwardness in Balochistan

Published: December 13, 2018


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Balochistan is gifted with natural resources, but lack of good governance and mismanagement on the part of previous governments resulted in its backwardness.

He was talking in Islamabad to a group of students of the Cadet College Qilla Saifullah on Wednesday, according to a handout. Minister for Defence Production Zubaida Jalal was also present on the occasion.

The situation in Balochistan and other issues, including education, were discussed during the interaction.

The prime minister referred to the Riasat-e-Madina and the caliphate, saying that the Muslims, despite limited resources, led the world by emulating the golden principles laid down by the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him).

He also cited Switzerland, which had limited resources but due to good governance had left many other European countries behind in the realm of progress and prosperity.

Corruption was the reason for the backwardness of the people of Balochistan, he added.

He said that for the evolution of a society, rule of law, justice, a system to support the downtrodden people and promotion of education were of most significance.

Imran also underlined the importance and role of education as the main tool for the progress and prosperity of a nation.

He stressed that the students should fully concentrate their energies on getting education.

With regard to social and economic situation in the province, the prime minister regretted that in the past there were different laws for the powerful and the weak.

The province, he said, had also witnessed large-scale corruption in the funds allocated for its development. The province was mired into backwardness as the development funds were not transferred to the grass-roots level, he added.

Imran maintained that the incumbent government was different from the previous regimes in its approach to the issues.

Under the new local government system, development funds would be transferred to the village level, so that their judicious utilisation should be ensured in accordance with the needs of the people, he said.    He termed the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) a brilliant project for progress and prosperity of Balochistan.

He said the government was fully cognisant of the serious water situation in the province. He emphasised judicious use of water, besides formulation of a comprehensive strategy and introduction of latest technology to overcome the issue.

Short, medium and long-term strategies were afoot in that connection, he added.

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