Peace in Karachi only restored after Rangers were given special powers: Corps Commander

Lt-Gen Naveed Mukhtar says paramilitary force is the backbone of the ongoing operation against terrorism

Faraz Khan December 18, 2015

KARACHI: Karachi Corps Commander Lt-Gen Naveed Mukhtar said on Friday that Rangers is playing a pivotal role in the fight against terror in Karachi.

“Rangers is the backbone of the ongoing operation against terrorism,” a statement issued by Sindh Rangers quoted the corps commander as saying during his visit to the Rangers headquarters in Karachi.

PM steps in to resolve row over Rangers’ special powers

Addressing Rangers officers, who are taking part in the ongoing Karachi operation, Mukhtar claimed that the peace of the metropolis was restored only after the paramilitary force was given special powers, adding the situation of uncertainty will only aid criminal elements.

Further, the corps commander said Rangers will keep playing its effective role in defending the people of Karachi against terrorism.

The corps commander’s remarks come just two days after the Sindh Assembly passed a resolution on Wednesday demanding conditions on Rangers’ special powers to raid and arrest suspects.

According to the resolution, which was tabled by Sindh Home Minister Sohail Anwer Siyal, the paramilitary force can only take action against target killings, extortion, kidnapping for ransom, and sectarian killings. The resolution says that any person not directly involved in terrorism, and is only suspected of aiding and abetting terrorists shall not be placed under preventive detention.

Sindh Assembly adopts resolution to curtail Rangers' special powers

It also stresses that Rangers will neither be able to arrest anyone under the allegations of financing terrorists without prior written approval of Sindh government or the chief minister nor raid any office of Sindh government or any other authority without approval of the Sindh chief secretary.

Rangers were given special policing powers following the start of the surgical action in Karachi in 2013.


Jibran | 6 years ago | Reply It makes one wonder, who was controlling the strings of the trouble makers. Whose tune Zulfiqar Mirza was dancing to. Why he wasn't touched in the crackdown, despite patronizing Aman Committee? Why LeJ is being spared and the government has to explicitly add the sectarian clause in the resolution?
Jibran | 6 years ago | Reply Once restored, you don't need special powers anymore. Special treatment is not your birthright. Now do what you are told to do. Your job ends there.
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