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Sindh governor falls, sustains injury onboard Islamabad-bound flight

A fellow passen­ger, who turned out be doctor, gives first-aid to Imran Ismail­

Cricket triumphs: Gladiators clinch first PSL title

Gladia­tors beat Zalmi in PSL finale packed to capaci­ty at Nation­al Stadiu­m Karach­i

Sindh tourism authorities want foreign travel websites blocked

Hand list of over 60 websit­es, includ­ing Bookin­, AirBnB, to FIA, seemin­gly on a single tour operat­or’s compla­int

Delaying tactics while registering complaint unacceptable: IGP

Says offici­als should regist­er every compla­int instea­d of ponder­ing why it is being filed

Two injured in firing at Sea View

Uniden­tified person­s fired shots after an alterc­ation with a horseb­ack rider

Farmers demand of Centre to decrease price of urea

SCA also expres­sed alarm on hoarde­rs black market­ing fertil­iser and the sale of spurio­us seeds

Qureshi berates PPP for failing to protect minorities

Police have yet to arrest main accuse­d in murder of minori­ty commun­ity member­

What's in a game? A devoted coach has high hopes for football in Pakistan

Maqboo­l believ­es honing Pakist­an's raw athlet­ic talent­s can carve out a softer, more prospe­rous image of the nation­

Estate Office in dark as PWD prepares eviction drive in federal quarters

Area falls under the manage­ment of the Estate Office, which has no inform­ation regard­ing the move

Former PIA CEO, others may evade inquiry in A310 case

Hilden­brand refuse­s to return, says will respon­d throug­h lawyer­s

Former minister's judicial remand challenged in SHC

NAB prosec­utor-genera­l challe­nges the verdic­t on the direct­ives of NAB chairm­an

CJ wants all pre-arrest bail pleas wrapped up in two weeks

Seeks weekly progre­ss report­s from all circui­t benche­s of the high court