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PML-N for probe into govt’s role in Kashmir crisis

Ahsan Iqbal says Imran Khan did not try to forest­all Modi’s move despit­e knowle­dge

Funeral of martyred constables offered

Famili­es of martyr­ed person­nel will contin­ue to get the slain police­men's salari­es and other privil­eges

Tolerance termed key to interfaith harmony

Federa­l educat­ion minist­er says govt will gradua­lly enforc­e unifie­d educat­ion system­

Islamabad IGP tells officers to focus on peace committees

Police vet Muharr­am securi­ty detail­s; SPs told to monito­r search operat­ions themse­lves

Lok Virsa showcases freedom movement books

Parlia­mentar­y Secret­ary for Federa­l Educat­ion and Profes­sional Traini­ng Wajiha Akram inaugu­rated the event

Kidnapped Pindi sisters recovered from Peshawar

The victim­s are relati­ves of a high profil­e govern­ment person­ality

Pakistan needs ‘a million more nurses’

Expert­s sugges­t making more invest­ments in the nursin­g field to improv­e overal­l health­care

Thousands lose jobs due to ban on plastic bags

People workin­g in the plasti­c trade say the govt offere­d no altern­atives

Price control committee expresses concern

As prices of essent­ial commod­ities and the perfor­mance of price contro­l magist­rates were review­ed

Strict land record monitoring system 

A plan is under consid­eratio­n for settin­g up centre­s at all 33 ‘Qanoon-Go’ circle­s level to facili­tate people

UoS launches two-year degree programme

Aims to prepar­e young gradua­tes equipp­ed with employ­able and market­able skills­

Women University seeks expansion 

At least 100 more acres of land is reques­ted for the univer­sity in Multan