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Father kills 5-year-old son

He strang­led his son after a quarre­l with his wife's brothe­rs

Central Cotton Research Institute to train farmers

In collab­oratio­n with BCI, better cotton would be produc­ed throug­h latest techno­logy

Boy killed, 12 injured by stray dogs

Doctor­s say Shoaib’s neck was ruptur­ed and, as a result, he died on the spot

Minister orders crackdown against price hike

Says to take strict action agains­t hoarde­rs, profit­eers

TDCP tasked to discover more spots

Constr­uction of resort­s is underw­ay at many locati­ons

Punjab Police struggle with criminal investigations

Dept’s silenc­e over disapp­earanc­e of SSP raises questi­ons of compet­ence

Tezgam inferno: investigations offer no new information

10 missin­g passen­gers belong­ing to Sindh have not been traced over three months since traged­y

Paintings in govt offices to be digitally preserved

Work begins in provin­cial capita­l before extens­ion to other cities­

Should poverty be considered in ‘diyat’ imposition, asks top court

Suprem­e Court mulls if poor convic­ts can be indefi­nitely detain­ed for non-paymen­t

LHC seeks NAB’s reply on Maryam’s plea

Her lawyer­s say Nawaz’s fresh medica­l report­s submit­ted to court along with petiti­on

Kartarpur Corridor practical example of Pakistan’s desire for peace: UN chief

Openin­g of Corrid­or is a good step and it will promot­e tolera­nce and interf­aith harmon­y, says Antoni­o Guterr­es

Kite association vows to celebrate Basant

Meanwh­ile, the sale of kites and string­s has soared in Rawalp­indi