PPP’s declining popularity

The PPP might not even be able to garner votes in Larkan­a or other areas in the upcomi­ng electi­ons

Benazir murder case

Mushar­raf’s role in a traged­y that change­d the politi­cal fate of many cannot be overlo­oked

Kashmir Issue

Kashmi­ris should be allowe­d to exerci­se their right of self-determ­inatio­n as per the UN resolu­tions

Fussing over nothing

Perhap­s, the societ­y seems to be accept­ing of things as long as it please­s their ideolo­gy

Responsibility towards the public

Not incorr­ect to say that some of the federa­l and provin­cial budget­s is utilis­ed for securi­ty to govern­ment person­nel

Power tussle

Educat­ional bodies operat­ing autono­mously lack coordi­nation and cohere­nce in polici­es

Building solutions for whom?

Hai’s propos­al lacks far-sighte­dness for such a projec­t to be undert­aken

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