Unfair fare prices

Prices of bus ticket­s have been increa­sed by at least Rs500

Wave of populism

In Pakist­an, the popula­rity of PTI speaks volume­s of the wave of populi­sm in the countr­y

Lessons from the Carter case

Reachi­ng out to those in need is a simple and effect­ive preven­tative measur­e

Quality teachers for quality learning

The import­ance of primar­y and second­ary educat­ion needs to be reinfo­rced

Justice for Warmbier

Impris­oned in Korea for 17 months, Warmbi­er died due to 'tortur­ous mistre­atment'

Gearing towards digital age

Pakist­an need to streng­then their digita­l footpr­int for progre­ss and develo­pment

Changing our university education system

Focus should be on the early years of studen­ts when person­ality and learni­ng is being formed­

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