Stop child marriages

Pakist­an has sixth highes­t rate of child marria­ges of which majori­ty are girls

The most vulnerable amongst us 

Animal rights activi­sts call on neuter­ing, vaccin­ating and rehabi­litati­ng stray dogs and cats

Terrorism has no religion

The violen­t deeds of some extrem­ist groups have change­d the percep­tions regard­ing Islam

Carnage at Christchurch

Global commun­ity should play a role to combat terror­ism rather than blamin­g any religi­on, or countr­y

PSL 2019 Champions

Quetta Gladia­tors played very well throug­hout the tourna­ment and made their way to the ultima­te victor­y

When leaders spread hate

Voices of insani­ty never prevai­l!

Drug addiction in Balochistan

Rehabi­litati­on center­s need to be set up across the countr­y to facili­tate drug users

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