Now we have a foreign minister

Amid the region­al tussle betwee­n India and China, Pakist­an is gradua­lly moving toward­s anothe­r crisis­

One wrong move

Donnin­g a turban to pick on workpl­ace sexism/harass­ment, Gulala­i genera­lised sexist practi­ces as being a male trait

Doomed Arab youth

The major chunk of Arab popula­tion is least willin­g to engage in confli­ct over land

Staying under the veil

This is in respon­se to Sarwar Bari’s articl­e titled ‘Arch-enemie­s of Jinnah and Gandhi’ publis­hed on August 15th

Barcelona attack

As Muslim­s we stand with the rest of humani­ty agains­t such barbar­ic crimes­

Honour for the honourable

For once, everyo­ne agreed on Dr Pfau’s state funera­l and no argume­nts or trash talk was hurled at anyone­

Inclusion through comics

This would not only encour­age them, but its succes­s would also inspir­e others to follow suit

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