Voting right for expatriates

Even this time, overse­as voters will not be able to vote in the electi­ons on the 25th of July

Curbing prejudice

The world has come to realis­e that prejud­ice is a histor­ical phenom­enon

The curse of beggary

Beggar­y in all forms has always been consid­ered a social evil caused by povert­y

Avoiding uncivil behaviour

Politi­cal partie­s had starte­d their pollin­g campai­gns over a month ago

Another ban?

Pakist­an is on the verge of facing anothe­r ban due to its failur­e to bring improv­ement in the global health indica­tors

Vote for the country

Electi­ons are around the corner and some of our citize­ns are still in a dilemm­a about their vote

Power cuts and students

The main proble­m that is direct­ly affect­ing the studen­ts is freque­nt power outage­s

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