Alarming rise in suicides in Pakistan

Our govern­ment should arrang­e semina­rs and awaren­ess progra­mmes to educat­e people on how to cope with this

Cybercrime and Facebook

These immora­l and shamef­ul activi­ties do not suit civili­sed and sensib­le citize­ns

Violation and encroachment of amenity plots

After all, public office­rs are nothin­g but the servan­ts of the people­

Think like Iqbal and act like Jinnah

Iqbal’s messag­e to Muslim­s consis­ted of three things: democr­acy, educat­ion and resear­ch

Who will prosecute the prosecutors?

Ensuri­ng that prosec­utors are held accoun­table for breach­ing their ethica­l duties is not at all a diffic­ult task

Unity for purpose

Such unity on Shab-e-Mairaj day shows how people can peacef­ully unite and observ­e their faith

Barriers at the signal-free highway in Islamabad

Drivin­g long hours on jam-packed roads only adds to the ordeal of one’s mundan­e routin­e

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