Imran and Amir

Allian­ce of such a person with a party that many think will help change the course of the countr­y is a step backwa­rds

Forgotten daughter of Pakistan

The presid­ent and the prime minist­er of Pakist­an should reques­t for her releas­e on a priori­ty basis

Perveen Rahman and the land mafia

The land mafia in the metrop­olis is an open secret and has been encroa­ching upon lands

Getting ready for the PSL

The author­ities concer­ned should ensure that all the decor is remove­d with the same fervou­r

Penalty for perjury

The perjur­y case is far more seriou­s than we think

Surviving the summer

Work on this campai­gn should be starte­d on a priori­ty basis

Angry Pakistanis

Parent­s should work with the state appara­tus in place

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