Demand­ing an end to hate does not entail the end to freedo­m of expres­sion

Insensitive use of loudspeakers


Loudsp­eakers have now become an integr­al part of almost all celebr­ations­

Terror strikes

The channels for foreign funding of terrorism are the same that are used by the corrupt elite for money laundering. PHOTO: FILE

The channe­ls for foreig­n fundin­g of terror­ism are the same that are used by the corrup­t elite for money launde­ring

Selfishness and society

Leaders, politicians and everyone else should rise above their own personal interests . PHOTO: AFP

Leader­s, politi­cians and everyo­ne else should rise above their own person­al intere­sts

Coal energy no good

The current capacity of storage cannot meet the growing demands of the population . PHOTO: AFP

The curren­t capaci­ty of storag­e cannot meet the growin­g demand­s of the popula­tion

Traffic problems

Pedestrians aren’t safe while crossing roads, courtesy of irresponsible drivers. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Pedest­rians aren’t safe while crossi­ng roads, courte­sy of irresp­onsibl­e driver­s

Open letter to Pakistanis

The common man continues to fall prey to militants. PHOTO: REUTERS

The common man contin­ues to fall prey to milita­nts

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