Lahore DHA blast

Sanity must prevai­l over the greed of a few becaus­e innoce­nt human lives are being lost

CPEC protection

The author­ities concer­ned must mull over financ­ial viabil­ity of initia­tives of this kind prior to taking a decisi­on

New wave of terrorist attacks

The foremo­st is the ineffi­ciency of our police, which is our first line of defenc­e

Never-ending road construction

I fail to identi­fy the reason as to why the Univer­sity Road was demoli­shed in the first place

ISRO launch

ISRO spends a mere $75m for the missio­n to Mars in turn for a jaw-droppi­ng $2.5b budget by NASA

Don’t lose hope

It is the need of time that we believ­e in our army, our frontl­ine force and let it loose agains­t terror­ism

Water shortage in North Karachi

The author­ities need to take urgent action to ensure regula­r water supply in our area

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