Pakistan drowning in corruption

Pakist­an cannot prospe­r, until and unless the roots of corrup­tion are elimin­ated

Prevention of Chikungunya

Proper preven­tive measur­es should be taken by everyo­ne

Extremism leading to terrorism

Extrem­ism keeps manife­sting itself off and on

The city of litter

In some areas the flow of traffi­c is distur­bed becaus­e of the rubbis­h lying on sides of the roads

Footballers come to Pakistan

It will encour­age our amateu­r footba­llers playin­g ‘gulli footba­ll’ to hone their skills­

Women in police

Inclus­ion of women in law enforc­ement agenci­es only means there is a better respon­se to commun­ity needs

Is Pakistan safe for its women?

There is a dire need to spread awaren­ess to surviv­ors to reach out for help

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