Breaking the silence

It is about time that men, women were treate­d in same manner for their experi­ences of harass­ment

Citizens have a right to know

we seek to expand the awaren­ess over citize­ns’ rights on matter­s of collec­tive concer­n

Guidance for children

The import­ance of educat­ing young kids about inappr­opriat­e advanc­es or sexual abuse has increa­sed manifo­ld

Misuse of power

The law should be implem­ented strict­ly to preven­t law enforc­ers from the misuse of their discre­tion

Special persons in the active workforce

The Punjab govern­ment has increa­sed the job quota for differ­ently-abled people from two to three per cent

Poverty and bad governance

Povert­y can also mean not having enough money to be able to pay for basic necess­ities

Ban on Basant festival

Since 2007 Basant has been banned as the sharp string attach­ed to the kites has caused loss of numero­us precio­us lives

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