Ending the cheating trend

The succes­s of our nation must be the result of honest hard work and sincer­e dedica­tion

Safe drinking water for all

44 per cent of the population is without access to clean drinking water. PHOTO: EXPRESS/FILE

44 per cent of the popula­tion is withou­t access to clean drinki­ng water

Need for operation in Punjab University

It is high time the authorities pay attention to the presence of armed gangs in universities. PHOTO: EXPRES

It is high time the author­ities pay attent­ion to the presen­ce of armed gangs in univer­sities­

The colour is not enough

The only possib­le way to curb malpra­ctices in the law and order depart­ment is to instil­l a feelin­g of respon­sibili­ty

Siberian cranes face grave risk

I reques­t the author­ities concer­ned to take credib­le steps agains­t such ruthle­ss poachi­ng

Not the ultimate objective

What's the use of formin­g bodies and consti­tuting inquir­y commis­sions when execut­ion is not the ultima­te object­ive?

Bill versus will

The govern­ment must focus to set their polici­es, priori­ties, and target­s straig­ht

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