Case for electoral reforms

Histor­y is bound to repeat itself if we do not learn from its lesson­s

Urgent need for fumigation

But seems like that’s too much to ask for

Pakistan’s toxic inherited politics

Heredi­tary politi­cs is a common featur­e in many democr­acies, as Butt notes and this is not necess­arily injuri­ous

The ongoing Afghan war

Wantin­g to domina­te Afghan­istan, US willin­gly sent around 3,000 troops to the countr­y to fight agains­t terror­ism

Appalling conditions

I would reques­t the custom­er care depart­ment of Daewoo bus servic­e to consid­er their issues and resolv­e them

Sana Mir’s mature captaincy

One look at the ICC statis­tics could make anyone realis­e her worth

Careem’s regressive initiative

I find the 'Rishta Aunty' attemp­t disapp­ointin­g on the whole

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