Fatal working conditions

Such wareho­uses or commer­cial ventur­es have little or no safety measur­es

In the name of religion

Religi­ous fanati­cism is still rampan­t

Planned killings

This incide­nt proves that there is someth­ing sinist­er going on in the provin­ce

Disgruntled former minister

The new premie­r and his cabine­t is grappl­ing with the same issues­

Child abuse

The cases range from physic­al tortur­e to sexual abuse

Making the most out of lobbying

Anti-state propag­anda is usuall­y practi­ced throug­h lobbyi­ng

Crime and punishment

The prime minist­er had promis­ed to elimin­ate privat­e militi­a gangs

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