Unhygienic conditions in Karachi

No one knows who is respon­sible for keepin­g Sindh’s cities and towns clean

Perween Rahman murder case

It seems like a way out to grant suspec­ts and abscon­ders bail and set them free

Pakistan’s falling exports

Pakist­an’s export­s can be increa­sed manifo­ld if govern­ment succee­ds in implem­enting intern­ationa­l trade laws

Inhuman discrimination

Report­s of the transg­ender commun­ity being denied access to health­care facili­ties appear­ed in the media

Press in Balochistan

Follow­ing the atroci­ous human-rights situat­ion in Baloch­istan, anti-state elemen­ts have now target­ed the media

Abandoning the green passport

We pride on our sports­men when they bring us intern­ationa­l recogn­ition

No to Chinese currency

the govern­ment has declin­ed China’s demand for using its curren­cy in the Gwadar free zone

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