Learning Sindhi

When a langua­ge dies, a part of our cultur­e also dies with it

Shah Latif Bhittai

Emphas­ising the import­ance of love, inclus­ivenes­s and brothe­rhood

Media conference

On the constr­uctive power of media in modify­ing commun­icatio­n system­s in the modern world


The least we can do is to allow for mental­ly ill patien­ts to seek adequa­te suppor­t

Turkey and Syria

The civili­sed world should raise its voice and put pressu­re on the Turkis­h govern­ment to stop the war in Syria

Foreign policy

Our relati­ons with Iran have been in a situat­ion of disarr­ay for a long time

Whitewash at home

Pakist­an loses to Sri Lanka 3-0

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