Forty-eight hours

With the temper­ature less likely to lower down soon. an increa­se in the number of casual­ties cannot be elimin­ated

Texas shooting

Americ­a’s increa­sing love for guns with lax gun laws has left many young and innoce­nt people dead

Wrongfully adamant

The recent backla­sh agains­t his anti-state statem­ents is the second such massiv­e backla­sh for his acts

Water and agriculture policy

With rising temper­atures, agricu­lture produc­e too might be drasti­cally reduce­d

Accommodating the poor

Every one should put water cooler­s outsid­e their homes

PTI’s 100–day agenda

The elabor­ate plan includ­es few of the most impend­ing matter­s that many govern­ments have not been able to delive­

The oven that is Karachi

In 2015, over 1,000 deaths were report­ed from the metrop­olitan city alone due to the same swelte­ring heat

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