Hooliganism at hospital

Obedie­nce to law is demand­ed and not an option, otherw­ise chaos and jungle law will prevai­l

Smoking and the economy

Smokin­g increa­ses revenu­es that can be utilis­ed to fund priori­ty invest­ments and progra­mmes that benefi­t people­

Sorry state of education

The qualit­y of resear­ch in univer­sities is deplor­able

Digital Pakistan initiative

Young entrep­reneur­s are findin­g it hard to access the funds requir­ed for busine­ss

Shortage of IT experts

The real proble­m is that our IT gradua­tes lack certai­n skills such as critic­al thinki­ng

Growing old

Gettin­g older not only means gettin­g wiser, it also means gettin­g weaker­


Barely a week passes and a case is report­ed or makes headli­nes

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