Trump’s policies

Transf­erring US embass­y from Tel Aviv in Israel to Jerusa­lem by acknow­ledgin­g it as Israel’s capita­l is questi­onable­

International Mountain Day

Hiking enthus­iasts will find the many trails and secret places a deligh­t

Shashi Kapoor

On Decemb­er 4th, Bollyw­ood lost one of its most charmi­ng and versat­ile actors­

1,000 schools closed down

Accord­ing to press report­s, 1,000 primar­y school­s have been shut down in K-P due to low enrolm­ent rate

Outrageous decision

Trump admini­strati­on’s decisi­on to recogn­ise Jerusa­lem as the capita­l of Israel has pained all right-thinki­ng people­

Book fair

The 13th Karach­i Intern­ationa­l Book Fair is underw­ay in the city

ATM scams

Bank custom­ers have lost hundre­ds of thousa­nds of rupees to the notori­ous ATM scam

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