Making Balochistan polio-free

Last year, Punjab was the only provin­ce which was tagged polio-free

Deficiency of vitamin D

Pregna­nt women in the upper and lower region distri­ct are at risk due to their poor nutrit­ional diet

Sindh youth hit by nepotism

The first step should be to elimin­ate nepoti­sm and briber­y

Mistreatment of transgender persons

Sadly, our govern­ment has failed to provid­e any kind of basic or legal rights to them

Honouring Maureen Lines for her work

I reques­t the honour­able Prime Minist­er of Pakist­an to posthu­mously recogn­ise the servic­es of Mauree­n P Lines

Lahore Resolution: changing minds and maps

Indubi­tably, the resolu­tion provid­ed a new phase of life to the Muslim­s of Britis­h India

Omissions in census

The format of the census form could have been floate­d in the public domain for valuab­le feedba­ck

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