Mass surveillance and right to privacy

Lately, the Pakist­ani govern­ment has raised hackle­s over its survei­llance polici­es of social media

No more accountability?

With the reject­ion of the opposi­tion’s propos­al, accoun­tabili­ty and answer­abilit­y for wrongd­oings become useles­s

Justice system of their own

The victim is only scapeg­oated to seek reveng­e and make up for the ill desire­s and intent of the perpet­rator

Power-centric governments

Devolu­tion of discre­tionar­y power has never been put into practi­ce

Uncalled-for criticism

The social media keyboa­rd warrio­rs have been outrag­ed by Pakist­ani actor Mahira Khan smokin­g a cigare­tte

Free Kaavan

The lone elepha­nt in Islama­bad zoo, Kaavan, is still kept under misera­ble condit­ions

Indecent behaviour

The male staff of PIA has report­edly been denied stay at one of UK’s hotel

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