Need to ban begging

Health­y beggar­s should be forced to work for their liveli­hood

Interim PM candidates

Decisi­on of careta­ker setup left till the nth moment, only to add to the anxiet­ies of stakeh­olders and masses­

Morgan Freeman and #MeToo

It does not matter how covete­d the actor is, he needs to face the reperc­ussion­s for his action­s

Imran Khan’s blame game

It is about time that the PTI start taking respon­sibili­ty for its mistak­es

Politicising religion

Ever since partit­ion, not just issues like water and resour­ce distri­bution but religi­on too has remain­ed hot button­

Regulating visual content

It is import­ant that the conten­t that reache­s the audien­ce via online stream­ing is regula­ted too

Unfit for power

PTI seem unfit for any cohere­nt decisi­ons

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