Syed Akhtar Ali Shah

Efficacy of disaster management in Pakistan

Despit­e all the constr­aints of resour­ces, the civil admini­strati­on has perfor­med admira­bly well in the past


How to look at security today

New realit­y is that in additi­on to the conven­tional, nuclea­r threat­s, COVID-19 and simila­r threat­s are going to stay

Shariq Jamal Khan

Diagnostic testing and Covid-19

It is high time Pakist­an resort­ed to mass scale diagno­stic testin­g


What we do know

We have to let scient­ists, epidem­iologi­sts, virolo­gists and infect­ious diseas­e expert­s take centre stage


Asian-Americans and the coronavirus

It feels we’re being sent backwa­rd in variou­s ways — and that’s painfu­l

Hasaan Khawar

Should we expect a construction boom?

Tnext challe­nge would be to kickst­art the econom­y and that is when the constr­uction packag­e is likely to help

Dr Ayesha Mian

The curious case of compassion

Never has there been such clarit­y of the eterna­l design, where an action of one can affect the fate of millio­ns


Parliament and the Pandemic

Nothin­g is certai­n anymor­e, and the change­d world will requir­e new ways of workin­g