22 years of PTI — the struggle continues

It is the story of a fierce strugg­le by an iron-willed indivi­dual determ­ined to change the course of histor­y

Zuha Noor

Vacillating education in Pakistan

The countr­y has indeed observ­ed a class divisi­on surfac­ing due to multip­le second­ary educat­ional format­s

Dr Raza Khan

Sustainable peace in FATA

At the moment we can say that peace may not have been restor­ed but genera­lly order has been mainta­ined

Kamran Siddiqui

Our ideological dilemma

Ideolo­gical manipu­lation­s for person­al gain over the past 70 years has caused so much founda­tional damage­

Dr Shazia Asim

The first 1,000 days

Nutrit­ion must be priori­tised within the govern­ment’s health agenda­


Privilege and inclusion

Harass­ment of those who stand up for the rights of the margin­alised should never be accept­ed

Hasaan Khawar

Fixing government pay scales

The actual proble­m with govern­ment salari­es lies with how the basic pay scales (BPS) are struct­ured


Pakistan in a rapidly changing world

Change­s in Pakist­an’s extern­al enviro­nment have pushed it toward­s seekin­g a closer allian­ce with China