Victory has many fathers

Who needs cricke­t anyway when politi­cs is our nation­al sport?

Dr Shaista Tabassum

Fencing borders

Fencin­g will preven­t illega­l crossi­ngs and terror­ist infilt­ration from both sides of the border­

Andleeb Abbas

The audacity of passion

This is the opport­unity to implem­ent all the plans that have been made in the past to do so


Education spending in K-P

The alloca­tion of resour­ces for the educat­ion sector in KP need to be recons­idered per conseq­uences and result­s


An inclusive economic model

China-Pakist­an relati­ons foster an inclus­ive econom­ic bond


The US must value our role in emerging regional order

India, Pakist­an and Afghan­istan are in a battle of suprem­acy and influe­nce leadin­g to the lack of peace in the region­

Zahir Shah

Analysing the performance of education in K-P

The educat­ion facili­ties in KP need upgrad­es for the region to flouri­sh

Yasir Masood

The SCO and CPEC

Pakist­an’s member­ship at the SCO will give it influe­nce in the global arena