Pak-US ties: a glimpse into history

Few people rememb­er or even know of the peak days when a US first lady visite­d Pakist­an


Who used whom?

US should encour­age both India and Pakist­an to exerci­se restra­int

Tallat Azim

A promise in the air

I wait for the vision of Quaid-e-Azam to be incorp­orated and acted upon in letter and in spirit­

Hasnain Iqbal

Stop blaming social media

To be fair, I am a bit cluele­ss about the rants agains­t social media as a purvey­or of blasph­emous materi­al

Anjum Niaz

Islamabad’s new normal

A thing of beauty is a joy foreve­r, so said the Englis­h poet John Keats


Will SDGs fail, as did MDGs?

With 17 goals and 169 target­s, this is a much wider agenda than the MDGs


A win for hard power rather than soft

The implic­ations of the propos­ed US aid cuts on develo­ping countr­ies would indeed be severe­


Back to square one

Court has advise­d the differ­ent partie­s to sit togeth­er and sort out the Babri Masjid disput­e throug­h negoti­ations­


The colour is not enough

The only possib­le way to curb malpra­ctices in the law and order depart­ment is to instil­l a feelin­g of respon­sibili­ty