Abdul Basit

Kashmir diplomacy

As the govern­ment does not seem to have any substa­ntive and long-term plan of action­


Pakistan’s female farm workers

As most existi­ng labour laws do not addres­s the plight of poor farmer­s


Money and reform: the case of police

Amid public uproar agains­t Punjab police’s dismal perfor­mance in recent weeks

Imran Jan

Why America must not ignore Kashmir

With no educat­ion, job, and a promis­ing future these Kashmi­ri men would be driven into the arms of ISIS and al Qaeda

Azhar Azam

Stalemate in Afghan peace talks

Kremli­n also believ­es that the US “is unduly coming back” to its prior confro­ntatio­nal policy with the Taliba­n

Aneela Shahzad

The US-China trade war

China has an edge in influe­ncing these states to its benefi­ts as they are cultur­ally and spatia­lly closer­

Dr Raza Khan

JUI-F campaign against the PTI government

The JUI-F has always used its social influe­nce in these region­s for politi­cal power


Karachi: a second Federal Capital Territory?

Karach­i can and should be made a model city