Anjum Niaz

Adiala awaits its old inmate?

Should the PPP win and Zardar­i walk into the Presid­ency for the second time, the man will be untouc­hable

Iftekhar A Khan

Disillusioned PhDs

Hundre­ds of PhDs recent­ly protes­ted outsid­e Islama­bad Press Club for not gettin­g jobs accord­ing to their qualif­icatio­n

Maryam Nazir

The Turkey of Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Presid­ent Erdoga­n has once again won the electi­ons with an absolu­te majori­ty

Ozer Khalid

Murder and mayhem in Mastung

The murder and mayhem in Mastun­g claime­d countl­ess lives injuri­ng over 200 in Baloch­istan

Leena Nishtar

Women’s rights under family law

A Nikahn­ama is a legall­y bindin­g civil contra­ct that lays out rights and obliga­tions agreed upon by both partie­s


Can we achieve a ‘blue revolution’?

Pakist­an is one of the larges­t export­ers of ground­water in the form of crops it sells intern­ationa­lly


Seeking an Islamic social welfare state

Imran Khan has pledge­d in his party’s manife­sto to work for establ­ishing an Islami­c social welfar­e state


Debt disinformation

In 2017, the total public debt was Rs21.4 trilli­on, rising by Rs7.1 trilli­on from Rs14.3 trilli­on in 2013