Anum Malik

Steps to water sustainability

As people we need to push for a system that is not just based on profit maximi­sation­


Trump’s first odyssey deepens fissures within Muslim world

The US being the domina­nt power of the region has a crucia­l role to play

Dr Shenila Khoja-Moolji

Defending Malala

Malala, the idea, tells a partic­ular story about people in Pakist­an


Living in two worlds

Less than four per cent of all articl­es in the Urdu paper were writte­n by female contri­butors


From Russia with halal love

Who could have imagin­ed that Russia would be the host of a Hilal Expo?


Police reforms in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa

It will be import­ant for the K-P police to learn from the failur­es of the Police Order 2002

Sitara Noor

Nuclear diplomacy and the NPT

PrepCo­m only expose­d deep fissur­es among the Arab league states­


Sindh up for grabs

Sindh has been at the opposi­te end - with the provin­ce being treate­d like an outcas­t