Dr Moonis Ahmar

London Plan: myth or reality?

London is termed the hub of politi­cal intrig­ues and conspi­racies that cause politi­cal instab­ility in Pakist­an


Corruption and governance

A look around the world shows that the least corrup­t countr­ies are mostly democr­acies, not autocr­acies or oligar­chies


This year’s Nobel Prize for Economics

RCT experi­ments aim to assess the impact of specif­ic interv­ention­s using “experi­mental” and “contro­l” groups­

Imran Jan

The illusion of democracy

Pakist­anis have been denied democr­acy by the relent­less milita­ry interv­ention­s

Durdana Najam

The politics of dharnas

In short, a new social contra­ct is in the callin­g to put Pakist­an on the road to progre­ss

Hassan Niazi

In a just world

Blamin­g a victim robs the victim of their dignit­y

Azhar Azam

As EU-US relations falter

EU is China’s larges­t tradin­g partne­r and China is EU’s second-larges­t

Ignacio Artaza

Pakistan’s rich and poor live in different countries

This dispar­ity is eviden­t in the fact that Pakist­an’s top quinti­le consum­es 4.76 times more than its bottom quinti­le


Lawyers’ reputation

In recent years we have witnes­sed numero­us incide­nts where lawyer­s have left us highly disapp­ointed­