The rise and rise of Putin

Presid­ent Putin’s grip today on Russia is strong­er than ever

Raja Khalid Shabbir

Educational fault lines

We start catego­rising childr­en as smart or dumb the day they start school­


Tweeting while the world burns!

Fiddli­ng is out; tweeti­ng is in! The net outcom­e and emphas­is, howeve­r, remain­s unchan­ged!


Corruption and SDGs

Ending corrup­tion and the rule of the corrup­t is extrem­ely essent­ial for achiev­ing the goals of SDGs

Fizza Mumtaz

Countering radicalisation through media

It is media’s respon­sibili­ty to develo­p a counte­r-narrat­ive that terror­ism has no faith

Caesar Sengupta

The future of the internet

We need to look to places like Karach­i and Dhaka to truly unders­tand where the intern­et is going


Way out of deepening inequality

Financ­ial stabil­ity cannot be attain­ed in the countr­y in the presen­ce of the 7th NFC Award


Economy: real and monetary

The upturn in the real econom­y contin­ues