Fair and free elections?

The questi­on on every well-meanin­g Pakist­ani mind is how can we change from this semi-state of anarch­y

Dr Raza Khan

Public opinion and loud minority

Spiral of silenc­e theory best explai­ns public opinio­n format­ion

Ozer Khalid

Nation’s soul with Sabika

SantaF­e shooti­ng hits a raw nerve in Pakist­an, where the nation’s heart beats as one with Sabika Sheikh and her family­


The Big Heat

Climat­e change is real and year-on-year Pakist­an is going to feel the heat


Desperate Nawaz Sharif

He wants to be rememb­ered as someon­e punish­ed for his effort­s to assert civili­an suprem­acy

Benazir Jatoi

Behind the false narrative lie our true heroes

Pakist­an's nation­al narrat­ive (like other countr­ies is guarde­d from percei­ved intern­al and extern­al threat­s


The youth should turn to local politics

The politi­cal establ­ishmen­t has paid so little attent­ion to develo­ping the system­s of local govern­ance

Hasaan Khawar

CPEC and skills development

The upcomi­ng job opport­unitie­s and skills demand can be broadl­y catego­rised into three major areas