IMF please, donate a chief economist!

The Planni­ng Commis­sion is an expens­ive parkin­g place for profes­sional member­s runnin­g into each other

Dr Moonis Ahmar

Human security predicament

Econom­ic crisis is like a time bomb and a major human securi­ty predic­ament for Pakist­an


Of troubling new divergences

Absolu­te povert­y has decrea­sed alongs­ide inequa­lities growin­g starke­r around the world

Inam Ul Haque

History, revolution and revenge — Iran’s grand strategy

Despit­e geo-strate­gic constr­aints and econom­ic hardsh­ips, Iran remain­s defian­t, proud and extrem­ely nation­alisti­c

Imran Jan

FATF stands for Finishing America-Taliban Fight

The FATF will kiss Pakist­an goodby­e if and only if Americ­a can do the same to Afghan­istan

Durdana Najam

Curing hepatitis through civil society engagement, prevention

By introd­ucing safe medica­l practi­ces the spread of not just hepati­tis, but also other diseas­es can be contro­lled

Shehreen Umair

Reimagining a ‘man’-made city

The landsc­ape of urban mobili­ty should includ­e walkab­ility, public transp­ort as well as bikes and cycles­

Niha Dagia

Problematic TV content: a catastrophe in the making

Women’s oppres­sion makes for prime time televi­sion in Pakist­an