Ali Maskatiya

The case for incentivizing hydropower development

Pakist­an’s energy sector suffer­s from a high depend­ence on import­ed fuels


Sinking in the rain

Over the years we have seen one agency blame the other


Pakistan’s options in Kashmir

Modi is moving India toward­s its demise­


The new chattering classes!

It must be acknow­ledged that the cell-phone revolu­tion has brough­t all classe­s to approx­imatel­y the same level

Prof Dr Muhammad Asif Khan

Financial crunch at public-sector universities

HEC was alloca­ted Rs59 billio­n agains­t a demand of Rs103 billio­n — Rs6 billio­n less than previo­us year


Kashmir — need for diplomatic engineering

Abolis­hing Articl­e 370 displa­ys gap betwee­n those who want to secede and those who want to safegu­ard state sovere­ignty

Amna Ejaz Rafi

India, the attention seeker

Pakist­an cuts off diplom­atic ties with India, other countr­ies expres­s concer­n regard­ing the issue

Ziyad Hadi

19th century genocide and 21st century policy

Dawes Act stole cohesi­veness from the Native Americ­ans, simila­r to what is being attemp­ted in Kashmi­r