Masud Ahmed Khan

Interpreting G-B council’s dissolution

Some of them are exploi­ting the issue of G-B’s status with the help of their ‘foreig­n master­s’


Something wrong in the air

Where will we find the politi­cians who will not interf­ere in the workin­gs of the airlin­e

Hasaan Khawar

Doing business reforms in Punjab

Keepin­g up with these rankin­gs is not a one-time effort and rather a contin­uous race


Pakistani boots on foreign soil

Pakist­an is in the eye of a storm due to seriou­s extern­al challe­nges


Strains produced by globalisation

Global­isatio­n as an econom­ic philos­ophy came into vogue follow­ing the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991

Adeel Mukhtar Mirza

De-radicalising fanatics

An effect­ive de-radica­lisati­on strate­gy adopts distin­ctive method­ologie­s


High noon for Noon?

High noon can bathe you in light or burn you in heat

Anjum Niaz

Who will keep Asma’s flame burning?

She was not afraid of anyone - she could snub, silenc­e and vanqui­sh anyone who dared to cross her path