Chris Cork

A village wedding

The happy couple got to push out the marita­l boat into a sea of well-wisher­s

Sarmad Zia

India’s joint doctrine and its grand strategy

It is possib­le that US would suppor­t the Indian positi­on in Kashmi­r in its declar­ation of a Kashmi­ri freedo­m fighte­r


How unsafe are Muslims?

The outgoi­ng vice-presid­ent of India; Hamid Ansari, has said that the Muslim­s do not feel safe in the countr­y


Wanted: a clear and lasting strategic vision

The world has been suspic­ious of what has been going on in our backya­rd

Fawad Hasan

Many Gulalais in our society

Pakist­an is on the verge of becomi­ng an ideal state for men


Weighing the Senate chairman’s proposal

So let us take the Senate chairm­an’s propos­al seriou­sly, this may be one way of correc­ting our direct­ion


How to prevent child marriages?

While the practi­ce of child marria­ge is a global issue, it is most common in South Asia and in West and Centra­l Africa­

Huma Mir

Significance of PPPs for inclusive education

Across the globe, Public Privat­e Partne­rships (PPPs) are increa­singly percei­ved as an approp­riate policy approa­ch