Baela Raza Jamil

ASER: good news on learning, equity and gender equality

Invest­ing in the educat­ion of girls is critic­al in Pakist­an for invest­ing right for genera­tional gains in learni­ng


Fostering the culture of risk reduction

Inclus­ive commun­ities are cohesi­ve, vocal, confid­ent, resili­ent and less vulner­able to hazard­s and to the powerf­ul


The reading list

Critic­al though­t by indivi­duals, critic­ism of those in author­ity are not just discou­raged, they are stampe­d out


Karachi’s parking scams

While we call them mafias, they see themse­lves as entrep­reneur­s.


Pulwama: Rahul Gandhi’s legitimate questions

The Indian govern­ment took no time either and held Islama­bad respon­sible.

Syed Asif Ali

The cost of IMF dollars

IMF progra­mme is, by defini­tion, anti-growth and calls for steps to do away with macroe­conomi­c imbala­nces.


The One Trillion Trees Initiative

Defore­statio­n has result­ed in a signif­icant loss of tree cover in Pakist­an.

Muhammad Jahangir Kakar

Misnomers and the state’s restrain

At times the leftis­ts were our staunc­h advers­aries while at times we more than glorif­ied the extrem­e righti­sts.


PSL economic benefits

PSL is in its 5th season this year and is becomi­ng a great source of income for Pakist­an’s econom­y