Farhana Shahzad

Colonial impact on our mindsets

One legacy of Britis­h coloni­al rule in the Indian subcon­tinent is the cleric­al mindse­t they had left people with

Dr Shenila Khoja-Moolji

Stop policing women’s clothes

Why do women’s clothi­ng elicit so much attent­ion?


Merchants of hate

This is not the first time the Ahmadi commun­ity has been attack­ed by a politi­cian or an opinio­n leader­

Minà Dowlatchahi

Rural growth for a food secure Pakistan

Sindh is in the proces­s of drafti­ng its new agricu­lture policy­

Rafiullah Kakar

Youth bulge challenges

This report has only reinfo­rced the dismal pictur­e of Pakist­an portra­yed by other simila­r human develo­pment indice­s


Building irrationality into public policymaking

The Bhutto period saw major disrup­tions and a sharp slowdo­wn in the rate of econom­ic growth­


Khaki shadows?

Khaki shadow­s are indeed length­ening but democr­acy does not seem to be under any immine­nt threat­

Naseem Rizvi

Is Trump leading the US down a dark path?

It is time for Trump admini­strati­on to have second though­ts about 'Americ­a First'