Hasaan Khawar

Beyond trade deficit

Pakist­an’s wideni­ng trade defici­t and declin­ing export­s are often attrib­uted to high cost of doing busine­ss

Ozer Khalid

After Pulwama

To avoid any future Pulwam­as, India must grant Kashmi­ris a refere­ndum on self-determ­inatio­n


Made for crisis

The key for PM Imran Khan, howeve­r, will be how he aligns these foreig­n policy gains to the intern­al policy­


Save the children

The questi­on is – can we do anythi­ng about this or should we just wait for the inevit­able


The 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution

Wester­n media covera­ge of the event pointe­d proble­ms the countr­y faced as the Islami­c Revolu­tion reache­d its 40 years


A look over the shoulder

Violen­ce in any part of the world can under no circum­stance­s be condon­ed

Khurram Minhas

Trump’s military doctrine and its implications

Trump’s domest­ic compul­sions and milita­ry doctri­ne have drasti­c ramifi­cation­s for its allies­


Delusion in Delhi

A countr­y of more than a billio­n people has blinde­d itself to the realit­y that India’s proble­m is not Pakist­an