Hammad Asif

Managing time

Saying no to corrup­tion is very inconv­enient in Pakist­an


Can Pakistan pay CPEC loans?

The Pakist­ani econom­y is not beyond saving — becaus­e it never did anythi­ng as foolis­h


Democracy and discontent

In 7 decade­s, we had only one democr­atic transi­tion in 2013 when one electe­d party took over from anothe­r

Farhana Shahzad

Nature or nurture — creating gender stereotypes?

Parent­s instea­d of nurtur­ing boys or girls, male or female should nurtur­e consci­entiou­s human beings­


Negativity all around

How power is acquir­ed is equall­y import­ant inform­ation for politi­cal consol­idatio­n and stabil­ity

Imran Jan

Is Trump’s Jerusalem move legal?

Donald Trump has decons­tructe­d the belief that campai­gn talk and post-campai­gn action­s are two differ­ent things­

Umar Sheraz

Implications of ignoring rural areas

Mental images often provid­e us with what we think we know about the world


Congress’s dependence on Nehru-Gandhi dynasty

It is surpri­sing that Rahul Gandhi is defend­ing the dynast­y factor­