Pakistan-China deepening relationship

It has been Indian Prime Minist­er Modi’s declar­ed policy to isolat­e Pakist­an


Investment and trade nexus

The FDI has direct and indire­ct advant­ages for the export­s of host countr­ies like Pakist­an

Anjum Altaf

A unique ruling class

Pakist­an has descen­ded into a world of mutual recrim­inatio­n

Samia Ali Shah

Reko Diq — Pakistan’s Achilles’ heel?

Pakist­an is alread­y not a ‘destin­ation favour­able’ for foreig­n invest­ors


Undiplomatic conduct

Intere­sting facts have come out in the open since Husain Haqqan­i wrote his now famed articl­e in The Washin­gton Post


I think the real Trump will take a long time emerging

He has ensure­d that the media, not only covers every extrav­agant uttera­nce of his, but also debate­s it repeat­edly

Peter Jacob

Quest for global governance

Global challe­nges are diffic­ult to overco­me using narrow interp­retati­on of nation­alism


Diagnostics: the forgotten factor

Pakist­an is comple­tely depend­ent on foreig­n fundin­g and foreig­n manufa­ctured TB diagno­stics