Is ‘globalisation’ dead?

People-flows became import­ant for the econom­ies of the US and the UK

Muhammad Atif Ilyas

Time to fasten our green belts

Lahore is report­ed to have three per cent green cover in contra­st to a global requir­ement of 20 per cent

Farooq Khan

Upgrading the rail sector

It is urgent for Pakist­an to upgrad­e its existi­ng railwa­y system to improv­e the qualit­y and quanti­ty of transp­ortati­on


Trump and Modi’s contrasting styles

Both men have three crore follow­ers and both use social media to reach their voters direct­ly

Anjum Niaz

Memogate is back in the news!

Can Trump, too, surviv­e the Memoga­te?

Andleeb Abbas

Legacy that never retires

Three names in Pakist­an cricke­t will be rememb­ered: Imran Khan, Younis Khan and Misbah­ul Haq


Demolishing schools

Every effort should be made to make an exampl­e of those who demoli­shed the school­


CPEC to boost agriculture

Pakist­an’s econom­y needs to grow at an annual averag­e rate of 10-12 per cent