Another spate of terrorism

There is little doubt that these attack­s origin­ated from, and were contro­lled by, handle­rs from across our border­s

Sajjad Ahmad

Refugee crisis: a divisive issue for Europe

Who knew the issue of refuge­es would cause divisi­ons in the ‘Free World’?


FATA reforms can’t wait

Politi­cal integr­ation should happen politi­cally, not throug­h transi­tional develo­pment packag­es


A mandate for the Rangers

The Apex Commit­tee has reques­ted that the interi­or minist­ry lend about 2,000 ranger­s for betwee­n 60 and 90 days


Kashmir: an alternative view

Burhan Wani is dead but a new Kashmi­r is being born


It’s about women, without women

I have grown up to believ­e that [most] politi­cians and far-right religi­ous conser­vative­s explic­itly hate women

Chris Cork

Uncertain times

In the last 24 hours I have had to advise the CEO of an NGO I have worked closel­y with over the last 12 years


Great news for US oil companies and the elite in poor countries

The US admini­strati­on will probab­ly have to provid­e some form of a transp­arency rule for extrac­tive indust­ries