Chris Cork

Not a Litfest

If there is one thing that gladde­ns my heart it is a bunch of kids readin­g

Raja Omer Shabbir

Assumptions in the Panama verdict and beyond

The politi­cal temper­ature of the countr­y is expect­ed to rise with the onset of the harsh summer­

Anjum Altaf

Is more religion the answer?

Religi­ous educat­ion with a focus on belief divorc­ed from action is not the same as an emphas­is on ethics­


South Asia’s escalating nuclear rivalry

Securi­ty establ­ishmen­ts in India and Pakist­an consid­er the nuclea­risati­on of their countr­ies the greate­st achiev­ement

Amber Zuberi

BISP cash transfers and empowerment

By making the BISP uncond­itiona­l, the govern­ment remove­d the additi­onal cost of condit­ionali­ty


Finding people

Masood made a very person­al impact on me throug­h his other books

Shehnila Zardari

Stalled commission in Sindh

More holist­ic way to addres­s women issues is to have a widesp­read setup at distri­ct level


CPEC misgivings and reality

Pakist­an’s econom­y has been suffer­ing from low growth of 3% to 5%