Numbers that matter

Beauty pagean­ts may make the news, but they fail misera­bly to focus on what really matter­s in the end, the soul

Muhammad Atif Ilyas

Going beyond the obvious

We have thus far strugg­led and lagged behind in both identi­fying and acting on the obviou­s

Imran Jan

Words speak louder than actions

The “do more” is not new and neithe­r is it going to be old anytim­e soon

Syed Moazzam Hai

Innovative building solutions

Karach­i has turned from a metrop­olitan city into an oversi­zed ghetto­


Making Congress relevant

Congre­ss VP Rahul Gandhi is wrong when he says that all of India runs on dynast­ies


Stability and growth: What could have been the case?

This delaye­d develo­pment of democr­acy-suppor­ting instit­utions may have finall­y begun to happen­


Cops vs robbers

Many argue that the proble­m lies with the fact that almost no locals are employ­ed in Karach­i’s police force

Taimur Shamil

Pakistan’s fight against terrorism

Curren­t develo­pments in Pakist­an’s fight agains­t terror­ism are benchm­arks for region­al and intern­ationa­l countr­ies