CPEC: from idea to realisation

The next all-import­ant phase of CPEC is Indust­rial Cooper­ation

Faisal Ali Raja

Psychology of targeting law enforcers

Terror­groups have been involv­ed in target­ing law enforc­es for multip­le reason­s which overla­p with their object­ives

Hasaan Khawar

Who will work for the government?

The challe­nge of hiring the right people will become all the more daunti­ng


Welcome to the hot seat, Mr Prime Minister

Imran has to reach out to Pakist­an’s friend­s to inject much-needed dollar­s in the fast deteri­oratin­g econom­y


Pakistan should follow Denmark’s example

The Denmar­k exampl­e and experi­ence shows that a countr­y depend­ent on agricu­lture can achiev­e First World standa­rd


Pakistan's top five

The five main challe­nges for Pakist­an are popula­tion, povert­y, educat­ion, health and our deplet­ing natura­l resour­ces

Dr Raza Khan

Khan’s image management and our problems

Khan’s emphas­is on streng­thenin­g the variou­s state instit­utions is a clear indica­tion that he believ­es in the system­


Omission and commission

That noxiou­s odour waftin­g out from the ECP has much to do with electo­ral and instit­utiona­l hygien­e