Words and violence

Unsurp­rising­ly, the hardes­t legal concep­t I’ve had the misfor­tune of teachi­ng

Chris Cork

The best of Bahawalpur

Corpor­ate social respon­sibili­ty appear­s to be alive and well in Bahawa­lpur


Challenge before Rahul Gandhi

Politi­cal partie­s all over the world have come to be closed shops

Salma Butt

No state for human rights

In Pakist­an, the human rights issue encomp­asses childr­en, women, youth, transg­ender people and religi­ous minori­ties

Muhammad Atif Ilyas

Talking about sexism

Most of the advert­isemen­t indust­ry in the West is soiled with stains of sexism­


Are we destined to be enemies?

One of the foremo­st foreig­n policy challe­nges for Pakist­an has been managi­ng its relati­ons with India

Dr Zulfiqar Gilani

Revisiting our intellectual crisis

Many people agree that we have an intell­ectual crisis in the countr­y


The science of inconvenient realities

Smog unfort­unatel­y is a yearly phenom­enon that has gotten worse in our own lifeti­mes