The currency quandary

The more harder India pushes its nation­alism on to its popula­tion, the furthe­r away we send Kashmi­ris


Sehwan blast: some stains don’t wash away

If the depths of human misery measur­e darkne­ss, Pakist­an is in its darkes­t hour


Warsaw as it once was

I seldom read an articl­e about Poland in the papers these days

Hasnain Iqbal

Umar Saif: rebel with a cause

Poets are dreame­rs. So are maveri­cks

Benazir Jatoi

Lal Shahbaz Qalandar and love

The name Shahba­z denote­s a noble spirit. Qaland­ar was used by his follow­ers to show his superi­or standi­ng


Terror stalks South Asia

The new wave of suicid­e bombin­gs has so far taken a very heavy toll of lives in Pakist­an

Peter Jacob

Piecemeal approach to justice

Scope of making a tolera­nt societ­y and reduci­ng crime obviou­sly goes beyond the role of legisl­ation, jails and courts­

Anjum Niaz

Blackwater revisited

Billio­naire Erik Prince is the founde­r and owner of Blackw­ater