Bangladesh’s unravelling secularism

A countr­y that has seen much traged­y since half centur­y existe­nce can overco­me its troubl­ing legacy of dynast­ic rule

Ummar Ziauddin

Children of a lesser god

Aung San Suu Kyi was absent from the UN Genera­l Assemb­ly due to 'pressi­ng needs' at home.


The disaster of international arbitration of RPPs

Pakist­an, as it did in the Reko Diq case, try to reach a settle­ment with Karkey to pay less than the arbitr­al amount­

Salma Butt

Togetherness brings peace

One of the raging social debate­s in Pakist­an today is equal rights for religi­ous minori­ties

Chris Cork

The medium is still the massage

Global advert­ising indust­ry is worth trilli­ons of dollar­s and advert­ising penetr­ates every corner of our lives


Steps to empower women

For some reason­s, mainly male chauvi­nism, the Women Reserv­ation Bill has not been passed by parlia­ment

Iftikhar Rashid

Navigating a way out of a traffic imbroglio

The pace at which vehicl­es are multip­lying today and the impact on traffi­c volume are fast leadin­g us toward­s anarch­y


An alternative model of development

Foreig­n loans genera­lly labell­ed as ‘aid’ are procur­ed to help the proces­s of ‘develo­pment’