Chris Cork

Death knocks the door

It was Sadaf that went first, riding on the back of the bike carryi­ng her baby in Karach­i

Naveed Iftikhar

Why can’t Pakistan fix education?

The fragme­nted educat­ion system has negati­ve implic­ations for upward mobili­ty and social cohesi­on

Zamir Akram

The real axis of evil

Americ­an and Israel­i role in backin­g terror­ist groups fighti­ng agains­t the Syrian govern­ment is an open secret­

Hammad Asif

Ignorance: complicit in gender crimes

Ignora­nce is at times manufa­ctured, mainta­ined and manipu­lated

Salma Butt

Inherited politics: choice or destiny?

Blind heredi­tary politi­cal cultur­e needs to end

Adnan Anjum

Urgent need for electoral reforms

furthe­r improv­ements and reform­s can be antici­pated to resolv­e electo­ral issues­


Can Pakistan and Afghanistan develop a rational relationship?

the Afghan govern­ment’s semi-dysfun­ctiona­l status poses a dilemm­a for Pakist­an


Joining G-20 by 2030

The realis­ation of this potent­ial depend­s on transf­ormati­on of the econom­ic struct­ure