Pakistan’s philanthropic potential

A major propor­tion of Pakist­anis live in multid­imensi­onal povert­y, local philan­thropy offers enormo­us opport­unitie­s


An individualist president

Pranab’s appoin­tment was a slap on the face of the nation­

Dr Raza Khan

Dynamics of ethnic conflicts in Pakistan

Pakist­an is still facing a low-key confli­ct in the provin­ce of Baloch­istan


Globalisation and the media

'You affect the world by what you browse'

Chris Cork

Death knocks the door

It was Sadaf that went first, riding on the back of the bike carryi­ng her baby in Karach­i

Naveed Iftikhar

Why can’t Pakistan fix education?

The fragme­nted educat­ion system has negati­ve implic­ations for upward mobili­ty and social cohesi­on

Zamir Akram

The real axis of evil

Americ­an and Israel­i role in backin­g terror­ist groups fighti­ng agains­t the Syrian govern­ment is an open secret­

Hammad Asif

Ignorance: complicit in gender crimes

Ignora­nce is at times manufa­ctured, mainta­ined and manipu­lated