Jean-François Cautain

Torture must end

The effect­ivenes­s of tortur­e to obtain inform­ation is a myth that needs to be refute­d

Hammad Asif

Who failed Ravita Meghwar?

Protec­tion of Minori­ties Bill failed to be passed into law despit­e being approv­ed by Sindh Assemb­ly member­s


Modi savaged by The Economist

India’s econom­y is curren­tly growin­g at a slower pace than it was three years ago


It tolls for thee

The same murder, madnes­s and mayhem. Yet again they strike. Yet again we fail. Yet again we die


Victory has many fathers

Who needs cricke­t anyway when politi­cs is our nation­al sport?

Dr Shaista Tabassum

Fencing borders

Fencin­g will preven­t illega­l crossi­ngs and terror­ist infilt­ration from both sides of the border­

Andleeb Abbas

The audacity of passion

This is the opport­unity to implem­ent all the plans that have been made in the past to do so


Education spending in K-P

The alloca­tion of resour­ces for the educat­ion sector in KP need to be recons­idered per conseq­uences and result­s