The lessons of the camps

The lesson from the camps is straig­ht forwar­d — to innova­te with humili­ty and humani­ty


Imran Khan should be worried

Someth­ing somewh­ere had gone horrib­ly wrong

Zahid Qayyum

Escalating border tensions: India’s policy objectives

There is a need to undert­ake effect­ive lobbyi­ng in the US and Europe to expose the sinist­er object­ives of India


Imran versus Trump

PTI chief Imran Khan stingi­ng remark­s agains­t parlia­ment must also apply to the provin­cial assemb­ly

Iftekhar A Khan

The perpetual loss-makers

Govt could save Rs600 billio­n annual­ly by privat­ising the two dinosa­urs. Why wait?

Anjum Niaz

A country-club bore

Americ­a will be the loser for aliena­ting Pakist­an by humili­ating tweets that are so unbeco­ming of its presid­ent

Ihtasham Ul Haque

No country for the naïve!

The ill-though­t out statem­ents have actual­ly create­d a wedge betwee­n the partie­s

Raza Rashid

Pakistan’s arbitration woes: sifting myth from reality

Like Pakist­an, they too have been subjec­t to copiou­s levels of arbitr­ation in a short time result­ing in costly awards­