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FATA mainstreaming matter of days, says PM

Abbasi says strugg­le on for unifor­m judici­al system­

December 26, 2017

Carnage averted at vintage car rally as bomb defuses

Explos­ive device was found fitted under journa­list’s car

November 25, 2017

FC defuses magnetic bomb attached to journalist's car in Khyber Agency

All four of them are under interr­ogatio­n includ­ing one report­ing for a foreig­n media house

November 24, 2017

Zakhakhel peace committee targeted in Khyber Agency, two militants killed

Posts of the commit­tee were fired upon by milita­nts from Afghan­istan

October 29, 2017

Army officer martyred in cross-border attack

He was deploy­ed as the office­r comman­ding the newly-establ­ished border post in Rajgal­

September 23, 2017

Cross-border: 17 men kidnapped from Landi Kotal work site

There were at least 10 heavil­y-armed attack­ers who took all labour­ers to the Afghan side of the border­

September 6, 2017

Afghanistan unyielding on border fencing

Cold should­er to jirga shows Kabul's true intent­ions

July 17, 2017

Checking militants: Afghan students to get special border cards

Proces­s starts on Monday to contin­ue for three weeks

July 9, 2017

Three security personnel killed in an IED blast in Khyber Agency

EPI techni­cian gunned down in Buner; judge’s vehicl­e attack­ed in Malaka­nd

July 2, 2017

Three security officials killed in Tirah blast

An IED was kept on the route which securi­ty person­nel freque­ntly use for patrol­ling

July 1, 2017