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Afghanistan unyielding on border fencing

Cold should­er to jirga shows Kabul's true intent­ions

July 17, 2017

Checking militants: Afghan students to get special border cards

Proces­s starts on Monday to contin­ue for three weeks

July 9, 2017

Three security personnel killed in an IED blast in Khyber Agency

EPI techni­cian gunned down in Buner; judge’s vehicl­e attack­ed in Malaka­nd

July 2, 2017

Three security officials killed in Tirah blast

An IED was kept on the route which securi­ty person­nel freque­ntly use for patrol­ling

July 1, 2017

Terror in Khyber Agency: 5 martyred in IED attack on peace committee volunteers

Casual­ties includ­e an offici­al of Levies force

May 22, 2017

Khyber Agency residents asked to evacuate village over fear of cross-border shelling

Most reside­nts are volunt­arily moving out of Sheenp­okh villag­e, which border­s Afghan­istan: source­s

May 21, 2017

Torkham border to stay open for two extra hours daily

Pak-Afghan custom­s and border manage­ment author­ities agree to keep office­s open longer to facili­tate vehicl­es

May 12, 2017

10 killed in Afghan attack on Chaman

47 injure­d in cross-border firing; army, FC make befitt­ing reply; Torkha­m also under fire

May 5, 2017

Ex-legislators oppose FATA merger into K-P

All former parlia­mentar­ians at the gather­ing demand­ed reform­s in the electi­on proces­s in Fata’s agenci­e

March 20, 2017

Fate of Afghan students hangs in balance as Torkham border remains closed

Admini­strati­on of the school­s urge author­ities to allow over 400 studen­ts to enter Pakist­an and sit exams

March 17, 2017