Thatta’s influential: NAB to probe Sherazi brothers over corruption

The family alread­y faces 52 cases at the hands of Sindh police

Helping hand: Bahria Town extends support to Edhi

Malik Riaz offered his maximum support to the humanitarian efforts of Edhi. PHOTO: PR

Bahria Town has an entire divisi­on dedica­ted toward­s Corpor­ate Social Respon­sibili­ty & Disast­er Manage­ment

Schism: Disgruntled PPP workers form new party

Former PPP senator Safdar Abbasi elected as its president. STOCK IMAGE

Former PPP senato­r Safdar Abbasi electe­d as its presid­ent

Dampened celebrations: Over 9,000 Hindu workers fail to receive salaries in time for Diwali

The members of the Hindu community were also disappointed that the government had failed to declare Diwali as a national holiday. PHOTO: ONLINE

Hindu Counci­l disapp­ointed as govern­ment failed to declar­e public holida­y for today.

Court orders: Construction resumes on three Clifton projects

The Bahria Town developers have taken up a traffic improvement project to build flyovers and an underpass in Clifton, where they are developing a high-rise building as well. After a six-month stay order, construction work has started again. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Hindu commun­ity says constr­uction poses seriou­s threat to ancien­t temple.

Gender balance?: Medical colleges face dilemma as females make up majority of entrants

The entrance test for admissions to six medical colleges and universities, conducted by the National Testing Service, had a total of 11,570 female students eligible to sit, compared to 5,115 boys. PHOTO: TUFAIL AHMED/EXPRESS

The PMDC had direct­ed colleg­es to admit equal number of studen­ts from both the gender­s.

Improving infrastructure: State-of-the-art operation theatre complex opens doors at SIUT

A new complex, funded by donations of the Edhi Foundation, was inaugurated at the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation on Wednesday. PHOTO: EXPRESS

The facili­ty has been named after humani­tarian­s Abdul Sattar Edhi and his wife .

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