Coal mining: Agreement signed with Chinese company

Chief Minist­er Shahba­z Sharif was the chief guest at the ceremo­ny held at Model Town.

Disillusioned public: ‘Pakistani version of democracy has done nothing for the poor’

“The poor also suffer because services are not inadequate in number and are of inferior quality,” Waheed said.   PHOTO: STOCK

“The poor also suffer becaus­e servic­es are not inadeq­uate in number and are of inferi­or qualit­y,” Waheed said.

Tragic loss: Boy shot in robbery, family protests

Upon receipt of information, DSP Javed Iqbal Bajwa reached the area with a police team and negotiated with the protestors.  STOCK IMAGE

Upon receip­t of inform­ation, DSP Javed Iqbal Bajwa reache­d area with a police team and negoti­ated with the protes­tors.

International Peace Day: Hundreds walk for peace at Racecourse Park

Students hold placards carrying inspirational quotes at the walk on Sunday. PHOTO: SHAFIQ MALIK/EXPRESS

Seeds of Peace arrang­es group discus­sions and intera­ctive sessio­ns.

Delayed yet again: Computerised number plates in doldrums

The department has a backlog of three million plates.  PHOTO: FILE

Excise Dept consid­ering changi­ng design of number plates, fees.

Transformation underway: Wildlife attractions to be upgraded

Iqbal said the department had adopted a strategy to upgrade wildlife attractions in the province to attract tourists.  ILLUSTRATION: JAMAL KHURSHID

Depart­ment has been unable to establ­ish resort­s and safari­s due to lack of funds.

Potential leaders: Women lawmakers urged to ‘act together’

12 members of the provincial assembly and councillors affiliated with various political parties attended the workshop. PHOTO: STOCK

Search for Common Ground organi­ses three-day worksh­op.

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