Four 'BLA militants' involved in attack on president’s son arrested

The suspec­ted milita­nts are being questi­oned for furthe­r inform­ation

Attacks on Hazara Shias in Quetta leave 4 dead, 9 injured


Follow­ing the attack, member­s of the Hazara commun­ity staged a protes­t agains­t the killin­g

Balochistan Assembly: MPAs demand 2% increase in education budget

A resolution is unanimously adopted; forensic examination bill also tabled. STOCK IMAGE

A resolu­tion is unanim­ously adopte­d; forens­ic examin­ation bill also tabled­

Weighty matters: Separate budget to tackle malnutrition

‘Eliminating undernourishment can add 2-3 % to GDP’. STOCK IMAGE

‘Elimin­ating undern­ourish­ment can add 2-3 % to GDP’

Three killed in IED blast targeting President Mamnoon's son in Hub

A vehicle damaged in the blast. PHOTO: FARAZ KHAN/EXPRESS

At the time of blast convoy­s of Salman Mamnoo­n and DPO Lasbel­a were passin­g by the area

One-month operation: FC killed 29 militants in Balochistan, says minister

Balochistan Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti and FC DIG Brigadier Tahir inspecting explosives seized from different parts of the province. PHOTO: INP

Says securi­ty forces also destro­yed eight hideou­ts in variou­s distri­cts

Fresh disclosures set off alarm bells in Balochistan

A young boy holds a brace belonging to his sister who was crippled by polio. PHOTO: REUTERS

51 union counci­ls of the provin­ce declar­ed ‘high-risk’ for crippl­ing diseas­e

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