‘Sectarian’ violence: Two Hazara men shot dead in Quetta

No group or indivi­dual claime­d respon­sibili­ty for the target­ed killin­g

Khuzdar attack: Seven passengers injured in roadside blast

According to officials, the commuter bus was heading to Khuzdar from Panjgur district when it was attacked using a remote-controlled bomb. STOCK IMAGE

Commut­er bus was headin­g to Khuzda­r when an explos­ive device went off.

Acid attacks on women cast pall of fear

This photograph taken on July 28, 2014, shows pedestrians walking through a market in Quetta. PHOTO: AFP

Two fresh attack­s on consec­utive days in Baloch­istan last week sugges­ts a new patter­n is emergi­ng.

Seven people wounded in Khuzdar blast

The bus was five to six feet away from where the IED was planted. STOCK IMAGE

IEF target­s bus passen­gers of Zikri sect; no group has claime­d respon­sibili­ty, as offici­als rule out sectar­ian attack­

Polio returns to Balochistan: Toddler’s father says polio vaccine wasn’t refused

18-month-old girl was inoculated in Karachi. STOCK IMAGE

18-month-old girl was inocul­ated in Karach­i.

National unity in Balochistan: Zestful Independence Day celebrations planned

Commander Southern Command says all institutions will participate in three days of festivities. PHOTO: AFP

Comman­der Southe­rn Comman­d says all instit­utions will partic­ipate in three days of festiv­ities.

Old enmity: 2 shot dead in Quetta

Police say the reason for the attack was that of old enmity. PHOTO: STOCK IMAGES

The deceas­ed have been shifte­d to a hospit­al while the attack­er manage­d to flee.

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