Partial strike in Balochistan

PML-N announ­ced to observ­e provin­ce-wide wheel jam strike on Apr 17 and shutte­r-down on Apr 18.

Lok Mela: Eye-catching Baloch culture attracts visitors

Folk dancers from Balochistan perform at the ongoing Lok Mela. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Baloch contin­gent includ­es artisa­ns, folk musici­ans.

Water woes: No access to potable water in Balochistan, NA panel told

K-P ranks second with 93% of the samples found unsafe for human consumption. PHOTO: FILE

K-P ranks second with 93% of the sample­s found unsafe for human consum­ption.

Crippling virus: Refusal to vaccinate children sets off alarm bells

Children administered polio drops in Balochistan. PHOTO: FILE/ONLINE

More than 20,000 parent­s refuse to inocul­ate their childr­en in Quetta Valley, Pishin and Qila Abdull­ah distri­cts .

Militants blow up gas pipeline in Dera Bugti

Suspend gas supply to Sui plant from five pipelines. PHOTO: FILE

Suspen­d gas supply to Sui plant from five pipeli­nes.

March-22 accident: Inquiry apportions blame for Hub tragedy

Onlookers gather near the burnt wreckage of a passenger bus in Hub, near Gadani on March 22, 2014. PHOTO: AFP

Fact Findin­g Commis­sion says neglig­ence of NHA, Coast Guards, Motorw­ay Police (MP), Custom­s caused the nasty pile-up.

Dangerous border: Two Pakistanis die in Afghanistan blast

A file photo of a land mine. PHOTO: FILE

Shephe­rds likely fell prey to landmi­nes along Pak-Afghan border.

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