Aitchison College casts a very wide net

Mudaser Kazi April 26, 2010

LAHORE: Between 70 and 80 students accompanied by their parents from various parts of Pakistan gathered at Aitchison College on Sunday for grade one entry tests for boarders.

The institute is one of the premier boarding schools of the country and the students sat for their English, mathematics and Urdu assessment tests at 8am.

The students were also scrutinised for their mannerism and personal hygiene by the school management before the parents were interviewed by the headmaster of the junior section.

Admission forms were available from January 15 until February 28, which was the last day for the submission of applications.

Agha Akhter a businessman from Karachi stated, “I am really excited about my son’s admission. His brother is already studying in the school in grade four. I feel it is one of the best schools in the country and I really want him to receive a good education here like his brother”.

Asghar Ali Baijarani an agriculturalist and politician from Karampur Baijarani stated, “I really like the environment here at Aitchison College and I want to give my child the best education possible. Although it is not easy to part with a child so young butI am willing to make the sacrifice if it means a better future for him. That is really what being a good parent is about. There is no better investment”. He added that he could not expect to educate his son in his ancestral village the way he wanted to.

The parents were shown around the campus and received a tour of the hostel before they were bid farewell. Admission results will be published at the school by the end of May.