Budget: CDGL sets itself a Rs1.39bn revenue target

Salaries, pensions to be raised by 10 per cent.

Rameez Khan July 13, 2013
The CDGL has set itself a Rs1,390 million revenue target for the year. DESIGN-FAIZAN DAWOOD/FILE

The city district government’s Rs23, 061 million may be approved in a few days, The Express Tribune has learnt.

The CDGL has announced a 10 per cent raise for its 40,000 employees and a 10 per cent raise in pensions. The CDGL expects a Rs16,222 million grant from the provincial government. It will also receive Rs1,452 million from the federal government under the head of octroi.

The CDGL has set itself a Rs1,390 million revenue target for the year.

The revenue target for the year 2012-13 was Rs1,486 million, but it had only managed to collect Rs870 million. The CDGL generates revenue from as many as 30 offices. Most of it comes from planning fees, Lorry Adda, parking lots, shop rents, asphalt plants and Wasa’s sanitation fee. Planning and parking yielded much less last year than targeted. The CDGL had set a target of Rs500 million from planning permissions, but managed to generate only Rs206 million.

The District Office of Parking Facilities was set a target of Rs130 million. However, it only managed to collect Rs35 million. According to the office, The Lahore Parking Company was responsible for the loss in revenue.

The Lorry Adda office performed best. It generated Rs439 million against a target of Rs480 million. The CDGL has set a Rs500 million target for the next year. Wasa, which generates revenue through sanitation fees, only managed to collect Rs80 million last year against a target of Rs130 million. The target set for the year 2013-14 is also Rs130 million.

The CDGL collected Rs22 million in shop rents against a target of Rs25 million. The target for the next year is Rs26 million. The Asphalt plant collected Rs7 million against a target of Rs15 million. The target for the next year is Rs18 million.

Rs17,726 million has been allocated for non development expenditures and Rs2,093 million for on-going development liability. The salaries of 40,000 employees will rise by 10 per cent. Rs3,330 million has been reserved for the LWMC, Rs1,150 million for the payment of pensions and Rs30 million for sports.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 13th, 2013.


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