Remove president, prime minister to rid Pakistan of corruption: Imran Khan

If you have a clean cabinet, half the battle is over, says PTI chief.

Web Desk November 05, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan says the key to eradicating corruption from Pakistan is to remove the current president, prime minister, and cabinet members. He was speaking during  an interview with Al-Jazeera

“If you have a clean cabinet, half the battle is over,” said Khan when asked about how he would end corruption and militancy in Pakistan in 90 days, as he had previously claimed.

Khan stated that all major corruption cases in Pakistan were related to the prime minister, the president or senior cabinet members.

He said that if his party is brought to power, he would remove these politicians and maintain his guarantee to rid Pakistan of corruption and militancy in 90 days.

Khan criticises US presence in Afghanistan

When asked about how a Mitt Romney win would affect relations between Pakistan and the US, Khan replied, “At the moment, we’re not sure. Both candidates seem to have the same attitude to this war on terror.”

He hoped that if Obama wins, he will strive towards his instinct for peace as he will no longer be concerned with reelection. He reiterated that there was no military solution in this part of the world and that the US should make a concerted effort for peace.

'Pakistan must disengage'

Khan insisted that Pakistan must disengage from the US war on terror. “Either the US leaves [Afghanistan], or Pakistan must disengage.”

According to Khan, this would allow Pakistan to mobilise the people of the tribal areas, who he suggests hold the key to a peaceful solution.

The war on terror is perceived by the Pashtun people to be a war on Islam, Khan stated, and that Pakistan’s support of the war makes it appear as an accessory to this.

He also condemned suicide bombers’ targeting the Pakistani army.

The interview was conducted by Dareen Abughaida through a video link from Islamabad.


Salma | 10 years ago | Reply Imran Khan is just a fraud who appeals to lower middle class youths with upper middle class pretensions. Nothing about the man’s life shows that he is either pious, intelligent or capable of leading a nation. He talks about Islam and so does his ex-wife, Jemima, but under our Islamic laws, wouldn’t she be tried as an apostate? Is she leading an Islamic life now? Why not bring this topic up? Are there separate Sharia rules for the Malalas who want only education but another one for the Jemimas who can carry out affairs in the safety of London? Why aren’t his children living in Pakistan? Is Pakistan not good for them, but good enough for the youths mentioned above? If you can’t handle your own family; forget about trying to rule the nation. All his supporters can do is come up with a one-liner that says: Vote IK or something along that line.
Zalmai | 10 years ago | Reply

@Arif Khan

Every sentence of your post is on point. It is too bad that even the so called intelligentsia of Pakistan have bought in to the lies of the Pakistani elite and in the process created enmity with two of its most important neighbors, India and Afghanistan.

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