Taliban attack: SP among five security personnel killed in Peshawar

10 personnel were also injured in the attack on the Ghaziabad, Frontier Road check posts.

Riaz Ahmad October 14, 2012

PESHAWAR: Five security personnel, including Superintendent of Police (SP) Rural Khurshid Khan, were killed while 10 police and Frontier Constabulary (FC) men were injured when the Taliban attacked two check posts of Mattani police station on the outskirts of Peshawar on Sunday night.

In a surprise attack on the Ghaziabad and Frontier Road check posts at around 10pm, militants equipped with RPG-7 rockets and heavy machine guns, fired shots at the Mattani police station.

Despite being short of ammunition and heavily outnumbered, police and FC personnel retaliated with gun fire which continued for almost 45 minutes.

Militants had occupied the high ground around the check posts and fired from there.

Talking to The Express Tribune, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Fazal-e-Mula said that SP Khan had reached the spot after the attack and was leading his men when he was hit by machine gun fire. His gunman was also among the dead.

“SP Khurshid is among the dead along with other men,” said Fazal-e-Mula, which Station House Officer Matani Ishrat Yar also confirmed.

A large contingent of police, led by SP Khan and DSP Fazal-e-Mula, from the Badabher police station had been deployed to the area.

Militants over ran the Ghaziabad check post building and torched it completely, also killing several FC personnel at the check post.

The injured comprised seven FC personnel and three policemen. They were shifted to Lady Reading Hospital (LRH).

DSP Fazal-e-Mula added that dozens of militants were involved in the attack and a search operation had been initiated for militants, still hiding in the dark.

This was the second such attack in the past 12 hours. Earlier in the morning an FC constable was killed in a sniper attack on the Frontier Road in Sheikhan in the jurisdiction of Badabher police station.


M.Ahmer Ali | 9 years ago | Reply @US CENTCOM: "These terrorists have killed thousands of civilian and security personnel. In these times of horror we stand by the people of Pakistan. Rest assured, together we will overcome the terror and defeat the terrorists. Capt. Joseph Kreidel DET-United States Central Command" Much the best,excellent and august words you wrote but unimpressive and would you like to explain honestly,sincerely and truly what about the same brutal,cruel and barbaric character US' and NATO's forces are playing in Afghanistan with the innocent and sinless Afghani people and recently Afghan's officials gave this statement that (two boys,one girl) three children killed in NATO's strike????? Highly respected sir please leave this the most ever worst habit of camouflaging the slaughters of innocent and sinless Afghani children and women during US' and NATO's strikes in Afghanistan and tell the world that we also are killing innocent and sinless Afghani people almost daily not only Taliban in Pakistan.......
Aijaz Haider | 9 years ago | Reply

@Khan jee gul: "The only way to win this war is if the u.nation forces go back to home. I assure u all that this war could be ended in few moments". Khan jee gul who will eliminate TTP? Pak Army is doing nothng. TTP will exist even after US and NATO leave. "few moments" = "few decades"? Regards

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