Over 50 ulema issue fatwa against Malala attack

Fatwa says US drone attacks could not be used as an excuse for carrying attacks on Muslim brethren.

Web Desk October 11, 2012

More than 50 ulema and muftis of the Sunni Ittehad Council issued a collective fatwa denouncing the attack on 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai, terming the attack “un-Islamic,” reported Express News on Thursday.

The fatwa declared that the murder of innocent people is tantamount to killing entire humanity.

The fatwa observed that US drone attacks could not be made an excuse for carrying out attacks on Muslim brethren, and added that the US is an enemy of Pakistan and Islam.

The edict further declared that Islam does not forbid women from obtaining education.


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Rana | 8 years ago | Reply

* *The dual standard people one side they blame that ulama are terrorists and on the other hand follow the fattawa of them.

p r sharma | 8 years ago | Reply


Fatwa as i understand is the verdict / decision given by Mullshs / Ulemas on any act as Islamic or non Islamic based on their interpretation of Sharia( Quran & Hadiths).. .Yes, declaration of attack on a young girl Malala as un Islamic shall have some impact on the Muslim society ( of Pakistan) but the universal values and common sense itself says that this attack is barbaric and unjustified. You must be aware that TTP has justified their attack on Malala citing certain precedence of Sharia per their interpretation ( Some Mullah might have declared the killing of Malala ( treating her enemy of Islam) as justified. So I feel that doctrine of Fatwa itself requires to be discussed / debated / reviewed . It is not Fatwa but the condemnation by the society at large, will change the perspective of West / non Muslims .

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