Illegal immigrants: 57 deported Pakistanis escape from Islamabad airport

57 Pakistanis, deported from Greece over illegal immigration, thrash FIA officials and escape.

Web Desk May 10, 2012

ISLAMBAD: At least 57 Pakistanis, deported from Greece, ran off  from Benazir Bhutto International Airport after thrashing Federal Investigative Agency (FIA) officials, Express News reported on Thursday. Some of them were later reported to have been arrested.

According to sources, around 57 Pakistanis were deported from Greece as a result of illegal immigration. They were sent back to Pakistan through Gulf airlines.

Immigration officials cleared the flight after it landed at the airport and handed over the illegal immigrants to the FIA Passport cell for investigation.

The immigrants started thrashing the FIA officials, and ran away from the airport lounge.

FIA claimed that most of them have been arrested.

Greece and Turkey deport hundreds of Pakistani illegal immigrants annually. Many Pakistani young men seeking jobs in Greece and other European countries pay a large sum of money to agents.


Abid P Khan | 10 years ago | Reply

@m.b.f.h.: "Hopefully they don’t call it “Our Economic Planning” for the Future. Because it’s their failure not success that contributed to it, and it can go away too like others countries over time."

In 60's Turkey had the fastest rate of population growth in the world. One of the secrets of Turkish economic wonder (and some other countries) has been the export of cheap labour and hungry mouths. Whatever the amount of money that was remitted home did not make a substantial dent in the economy of the country.

Smuggled goods etc fuel the black market, White Economy the country has, starts turning grey, a lot directly to black (money transfer through contacts). From customs to immigration authorities charge a little fee for letting the business run smoothly. Money comes in the country, making some individuals rich but it does not enhance the pouch of the national exchequer. Property prices are driven up. It may even trigger a building boom.

Labour export has a huge down side to it too despite pulling out a section of the population out of poverty.

m.b.f.h. | 10 years ago | Reply Looks like more than one officials are involved in ignoring or supporting these fraudulent activities. Why? Because they make a Buck both Ways. Now all this in the backdrop of failed population control, local economical conditions, bribery & forgery, joblessness, cultural demands___ family member's wedding expenses or for even finding a bride for oneself are few of the major factors. Every Dollar that an ex-patriots send back home should be counted as Minus Points from local leaders efficiency & not a Plus points. I see it's now a Billion Minus Points a month for our leaders & planners. Hopefully they don't call it "Our Economic Planning" for the Future. Because it's their failure not success that contributed to it, and it can go away too like others countries over time.
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