Rohrabacher's Balochistan resolution could undermine Pak-US ties: Sherry

Pakistan's US Ambassador expresses serious concerns in a letter to US House speaker.

Huma Imtiaz March 11, 2012

WASHINGTON: Pakistan's Ambassador to the US Sherry Rehman expressed serious concern on Sunday over Congressman Dana Rohrabacher's resolution on Balochistan, in a letter addressed to US House of Representatives speaker John Boehner.

According to the official sources, the letter says that such "statements and resolutions in contravention of UN charter and international norms could undermine Pakistan-US relations."

The letter comes after Congressman Rohrabacher introduced a House Concurrent Resolution in February, calling upon Pakistan to recognise the Baloch right to self determination

Rohrabacher, who is also the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, had earlier chaired a Congressional hearing on human rights violations in Balochistan.

The Republican Congressman also introduced bills calling for Dr Shakil Afridi, the doctor who helped the CIA in confirming Bin Laden's identity, to be given US citizenship and be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.


Moeen Shirazi | 9 years ago | Reply

The opprobrious comments on Ambassador Sherry Rahman’s warranted response to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s resolution on Balochistan is enigmatic to say the least. When a nation is being dismembered, is it not the duty of the representative of that nation (in the country promoting the dismemberment) to respond?

Let not naiveté dispel our alignment with reality. Let there be no doubt that the agenda being played out by the U.S., at the behest of their Zionist rulers, is fully recognized by the Pakistani establishment.

Perhaps, the rulers of America should pay more heed to Martin Luther King’s asseveration: “The truth, even when crushed to the ground, shall rise, for the lie cannot live forever”.

Rosie Deus-von Homeyer | 9 years ago | Reply

@Siddique Malik:

What hatered of AMERICA,the MIGHTY?

The Berliner are saying:"Was sich liebt,das neckt sich!"

In English:"Who loves each other,they are teasing each other

Just because we are criticizing AMERICA,does not mean we do not love it,does it?!

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