US congressman tables bill for Baloch right to independence

Motion points out a troubled history, province’s continuous marginalisation.

Huma Imtiaz February 17, 2012

WASHINGTON: Nearly a week after he chaired a Congressional hearing on Balochistan, US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher introduced a resolution in the US House of Representatives calling upon Pakistan to recognise the Baloch right to self determination.

The motion, which has been co-sponsored by House Representatives Louie Gohmert and Steve King, highlights Balochistan’s troubled past with the centre after the creation of Pakistan.

According to the text, ‘revolts’ in 1958, 1973 and 2005 “indicate continued popular discontent against Islamabad’s rule, and the plunder of its vast natural wealth while the province remains the poorest in the country.”

It is US policy to “oppose aggression and the violation of human rights inherent in the subjugation of national groups as currently being shown in Iran and Pakistan against the aspirations of the Baloch people,” said the motion.

In a definitive spin to the current tension, the resolution asserts that the people of Balochistan that are “currently divided between Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan, have the right to self-determination and to their own sovereign country,” adding that they should be afforded the opportunity to choose their own status among the community of nations.
In a statement from his office, Rohrabacher, who is also the Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, added, “The Baloch, like other nations of people, have an innate right to self-determination. The political and ethnic discrimination they suffer is tragic and made more so because America is financing and selling arms to their oppressors in Islamabad.”

Meanwhile, the Foreign Office has strongly condemned the resolution terming it as “highly irresponsible and a blatant interference in the domestic issues of the country,” adding that it is a violation of international laws.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 18th, 2012.


kabuliwala | 10 years ago | Reply

I am very familier with russians play politics and know very well their secrete interests. 1-Right now they cannot afford and it will be their nightmare if usa truly get out of afghanistan because thier puppets northern alliance and hazara will lose and drugs in to russia will flow and radicalism will move into tajikistan uzbekistan and russia and afghans will ask russian for help and they are surely not helping. This is why usa must take care for Baluchistan it is a gift and free one for usa for empowering usa and safe guard it self by creating bufferzone against uprising superpowers.I cant believe how pakistan triked huge usa with all cia and .......for doing no thing value able and worthy for west and usa but only as Punjabies are so expert when it come to get money by any methods if India was the matter ,I TURST WITHOUT PAKISTAN INDIA COULD LONG AGO 50 YEARS AGO BECOME UNITED FRIEND WITH USA bit it was paksitan who used this wild card very pecpectly for abusing usa pluse mass panatism and ,nukes,nation who hate usa and west, and a real imenent threat of using bad one the nuke and eger to use it.please act before it is too late.

pluse mass panatism and ,nukes,nation who hate usa and west, and a real imenent threat of using bad one the nuke and eger to use it.please act before it is too late

Khaled Baloochzehi | 10 years ago | Reply The qustion is who gone lead this country? The american? So we can know what they really want from this.. And we have to ask our self how it's gone be? They will fight eich other to lead baloochistan.
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