'US Congressman's Balochistan resolution ill-informed, unacceptable'

Pakistan Embassy in Washington says those behind resolution should solicitude for problems closer to home.

February 18, 2012

WASHINGTON: Reacting strongly to a US Congressman’s introduction of a resolution on Balochistan, the Pakistani Embassy rejected the move as “ill-informed and unacceptable”.

“We reject this ill-informed move and the Congressman’s misplaced concern on Balochistan, which is a part of the Pakistani Federation,” the Embassy said, commenting on Representative Dana Rohrabacher’s move in the House on the rights of the people of Balochistan.

A statement issued by the Embassy reminded sponsors of the move that Balochistan has a “directly elected provincial assembly of its own and has due representation in the National Assembly and the Senate of Pakistan.”

“The resolution seeks to cast doubt on the territorial integrity of a member of the United Nations and a friend of the United States, and is totally unacceptable.”

The Pakistani Embassy made it clear that “Balochistan’s affairs and issues are an internal matter of Pakistan, and it is for the people of Pakistan and our democratic institutions to address these [issues].”

"We would advise those behind this resolution to reserve their concern and solicitude for problems closer to home. Needless to say, provocations such as these will seriously impact the Pakistan-US relations. We value this relationship but not at the cost of our dignity, sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the Embassy statement added.


m.f.k. | 9 years ago | Reply

We must prepare for similar future activity in neighboring countries. After Pak-Balochistan Indian provinces & Irani Balochistan that don't get their share will follow suite. Once India is broken into ten pieces it will be free trade & welfare for their neglected poor. Pakitan will have less to worry about and now have more time to pay attention to neighbors. The Baloch leaders who now become sheikhs will start their own war for wealth by each ethnicity__ pulled ofcouse in different direction by India, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The resources Baloch leaders could not share with Pakistan now being exported & all wealth stays overseas. India now capture & control the Baloch market before it had a chance to flourish on it's own. The poor Baloch will still live in poverty like Indians do but instead here in the desertland of Balochistan while their Sheikhs fly in jets. Pakistan now become more stronger & free & so is a bigger threat to India.

kaalchakra | 9 years ago | Reply

This is an excellent move that is becoming of a great world power like the US.

The uneding tragedy of Balochistan must not be looked through the prism of narrow India-Pak conflict. Clearly Balochi people have suffered beyond all measure for far longer than any other. They have won the right to world's attention and active help in finding their own space and in breathing their own free air, and most importantly, in using their own resources for the upliftment of their masses. The era of exploitative colonialism through force and misuse of education is long over.

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