Possible alliances: Imran willing to sit with any party except PML-N

PTI chief says Nawaz is part of political problem, not solution.

Mohammed Rizwan January 13, 2012


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) may have left a bad taste in the mouth for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Pre-poll or post, the PTI will form an alliance with any party other than the PML-N, PTI chief Imran Khan claimed on Thursday.

Stung twice in the past by Nawaz Sharif’s PML-N, with regards to contesting the elections, Imran asserted that there was absolutely “no chance” of sitting down for talks with the party.

The PTI leader was addressing a press conference at his residence in Lahore.

In terms of the current political havoc in the country, Imran said the only solution is “fresh, free and fair elections”, adding, “The time for an All Parties Conference [APC] is over. The only solution now is fresh elections under a neutral setup.”

Since Nawaz and his party supported the current system, that makes them part of the problem, not the solution, the PTI chairman said. “If the PML-N is sincere about upholding democracy and getting rid of the current regime, why don’t they resign from the assemblies?” Imran questioned.

The ongoing chaos in the country is a result of the Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) blatant defiance of the Supreme Court’s orders, he said, adding that directives issued by the apex court should be implemented at “all costs”.

Crucial decisions regarding the ongoing political insurgency and organisational matters will be discussed at the PTI’s central executive committee meeting. “We won’t go to elections under Zardari. There has to be a neutral, credible setup that can be trusted by all to hold new elections,” Imran said, adding however, that the PTI would not support a military coup or takeover in any case.

Forty-five per cent of the votes in the last elections turned out to be fake, he said. “The apex court has ordered new electoral rolls now, so until that happens, the PTI will not take part in the polls,” he asserted.

The PTI has decided to establish an advisory board which would look into matters pertaining to new party members and will also take decisions regarding party tickets for the new elections.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 13th, 2012.


Nadeem | 9 years ago | Reply

Khan we are with you all the way

naveed | 9 years ago | Reply

so now i it has proved that imran is pro establishment and will help ppp pml q anp mqm to defeat pml n. shame on imran....

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