SSP Aslam’s presence is a security threat, DHA administrator told

Petition seeks relocation of officer.

Express October 20, 2011

KARACHI: A concerned group of parents and residents of Phase VIII have filed a petition, demanding that the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Administrator take note of the serious threat to security posed by the presence of SSP Chaudhry Aslam Khan and the Darakhshan police station in the area.

On September 19, Crime Investigation Department (CID) SSP Chaudhry Aslam Khan’s house was attacked. Although the officer escaped the attempt on his life, eight others died in the attack - including a schoolteacher and her son.

The parents and residents visited the DHA’s offices on October 19 with the petition, in which they have asked for SSP Aslam to be moved to an area where the fall-out of another such attack will not jeopardise the safety of thousands of children.

They stressed that the bomb blast that took place on September 19 at SSP Aslam’s residence is of profound importance. While they said they mourn with the families that have lost loved ones, they are also grateful for the lives that were spared by the difference of a few minutes.

The residents of Karachi emphasised that it is extremely irresponsible of the Sindh police and DHA to allow a high-profile target like SSP Aslam to be in such close proximity to schools where over 5,000 students attend schools, some as young as 3 to 4 years old.

The petitioners hope the DHA Administrator will take serious note of this as he has promised to do so.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 21st, 2011.


Kamila | 10 years ago | Reply

I agree completely.... it is highly irresponsible to house high profile officials in residential areas when they know that their presence is going to pose a threat to those living in surrounding areas.... it pretty much seems now that life has little value if the government is taking so long to take notice of and resolve these kinds of problems. Officials who are likely to be threatened should be in their own cordoned off area in the city which would be the best decision vis a vie their security as well. I really hope that DHA takes note of this soon even though unfortunately it is a bit late in the day for the families who have lost their loved ones already. I dont mean to sound like a pessimist but we as citizens of this country have heard all these promises before. I have a "high profile" government official living close to me and they block off the roads when they feel, start construction around the area as they please and pretty much disregard the convenience and safety of those around him. So from my experience I think the protests and rants are water on a ducks back.

farhat | 10 years ago | Reply I think all high profile police officers should be living in colonies of their own Rather than in areas where they can be easily located. This is to ensure safety of Civillian lives and their properties from being damaged
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