Sindh launches S-4 Smart Surveillance System with facial recognition

CM Murad approves Rs1.5 billion in funds for the purchase of camera systems from NRTC

News Desk June 20, 2024
CM Murad Ali Shah mentioned that the S-4 project would help apprehend over 80,000 fugitives. PHOTO: FILE

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on Thursday inaugurated two key projects, the Sindh Smart Surveillance System (S-4) and the Police Health Insurance Scheme, stating that the Safe City Project (S-4) will help restore law and order.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of S-4 and the Police Health Insurance Scheme at the CPO Karachi, Shah assured that safety measures for the Safe City project would be implemented seamlessly. He described S-4 as an excellent initiative that will effectively monitor all entry and exit points of the city using modern technology, aiding in crime reduction.

The chief minister approved Rs1.567 billion in funds for the purchase of camera systems from NRTC. He noted that modern cameras had been installed at 40 toll plazas in Sindh, including 18 in Karachi. A central control room and fusion system have been established at the CPO Data Centre for real-time alerts and monitoring.

Shah mentioned that the S-4 project would help apprehend over 80,000 fugitives. It comprises two programmes: ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and FR (Facial Recognition). Advanced AI and analytical tools have been implemented for intelligence purposes, ensuring uninterrupted and smooth connectivity at each toll plaza.

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The Sindh government has allocated approximately Rs1.5 billion for S-4, a comprehensive system utilising modern techniques. Cameras at all 40 toll plazas in Sindh can perform facial recognition and automated number plate checks. Live feeds from the cameras will be transmitted to a central command and control room server, instantly identifying stolen vehicles and individuals with criminal records. The National Radio Transmission Corporation played a crucial role in designing and installing this system.

"We are often criticised that this is our first step towards the Safe City Project," Shah remarked. "We must also install cameras on routes frequently used by criminals."

During a briefing on the Safe City Project S-4, CM Shah was informed that the advanced system would enable smart surveillance at all toll plazas. The installed 9-megapixel cameras come with night vision capabilities. Each toll plaza will have complete solar power installation with 8-10 hours of battery backup. The CPO Command and Control Room is equipped with global standard facilities, and mobile patrol units stationed near toll plazas will be available immediately under the computer-aided dispatch system. There are 183 9-megapixel ANPR cameras and 209 8-megapixel cameras for driver identification.

Shah highlighted the challenges Karachi faced, noting, "It was difficult to travel any highway without a police squad. Now, by the grace of God, our roads are safe." He added that 62 people were killed in Karachi in the past five months, with two-thirds of the killers apprehended, but these incidents did not make the news.

The chief minister also introduced the Health Insurance Scheme, named 'Bahbood-e-Jawan,' as an excellent initiative. The Sindh government approved a health insurance policy worth approximately Rs5 billion at the request of the Sindh Police. This policy will allow 127,482 police personnel and their families to receive medical treatment worth up to Rs1 million at private hospitals according to their health needs.


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