PM condemns Israel’s brutality in Rafah

Shehbaz urges international community to intervene and stop Israel's barbaric and inhuman acts

APP May 30, 2024
Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif addressing the Palestinian issue during a televised address on May 30, 2024. SCREENGRAB


Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday strongly condemned the recent Israeli attacks on unarmed Palestinians in the Rafah area of Gaza, urging the international community to intervene to get stopped the worst barbaric inhuman acts.

“I, on behalf of the government and the people of Pakistan, demand that the international community should play its due role to ensure that the people of Palestine and Indian Occupied Kashmir are granted their rightful freedoms and basic human rights,” the prime minister said in a televised address.

He said due to the unprovoked and worst bombardment by the Israeli forces across Gaza, including Rafah, over 36,000 Palestinians, including thousands of children, had been martyred so far.

“After the lapse of eight months, Israel’s thirst for blood is still unquenched as it is now bombarding the crammed camps of Palestinians displaced from across Gaza in Rafah (bordering Egypt),” he added.

The prime minister said Israel had showed blatant disregard for international law, without caring for the International Court of Justice’s ruling and the United Nations Security Council’s resolutions.

Not a single global power could prevail on Israel to get stopped bloodshed of Palestinians, he regretted.
PM Shehbaz said, “I am thankful to the Muslim countries that have raised voices at different international forums including the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the UN Security Council against the Israeli aggression.”

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The Saudi Crown Prince, and the rulers of the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and other countries were persistently voicing their support for the hapless Palestinians, he added.

The prime minister also expressed gratitude to the European countries including Spain, Norway and Ireland for recognising the State of Palestine in the wake of Israel’s atrocious military aggression.

Their bold and principled decision would hopefully encourage other countries to follow suit in recognizing the statehood of Palestine, he added.

PM Shehbaz Sharif prayed to Allah Almighty to bring an end to the brutal oppression of the Palestinian people and bless them with an independent State of Palestine where they could live in a free atmosphere.

He reiterated Pakistan’s resolve to continue extending moral, political and diplomatic support to the Palestinian people till the establishment of the independent Palestine state. 


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