Winter triggers gas crisis

People forced to buy LPG at Rs220 per kilogramme

Our Correspndent November 22, 2021


Domestic consumers in different parts of Karachi are facing low gas pressure which is affecting household routine like cooking and heating water.

The non-availability of piped gas supply from Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) network has forced the citizens to start using Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

However, the LPG is being sold at around Rs220 per kg due to which the difficulties of people groaning under pressure of inflation have exacerbated further.

The areas facing low gas pressure include Defence Housing Authority, Lyari, Old City Area, Kharadar and Nazimabad. Moreover, gas was also missing in Saddar, Lyari, Garden, Kemari, Mehmoodabad, Manzoor Colony, Shah Faisal Colony, Korangi, Malir, Orangi Town, Baldia and Metroville during the day.

Consumers said that gas supply to CNG stations in these areas continued, however, domestic consumers faced difficulties, which is contrary to the government's gas load management policy in which domestic consumers have the first priority.

Although, there were media reports and statements from the government that consumers are likely to face gas outages, consumers say they did not get any notice regarding gas supply cuts or load shedding, which has severely affected the household affairs.

People ordered breakfast and lunch from outside. The people have appealed to the government to stop loadshedding of gas for homes.

Residents of areas affected by gas load-shedding say that the use of LPG has led to a 10-fold increase in gas prices. Gas loadshedding is making it more difficult to cope with inflation.


One of the most popular options to gas shortage is LPG. People either convert their stoves or buy an extra burner for use during winters.

The use of LPG increases in winters for heating and cooking due to shortage of piped gas supply. However, a number of incidents have been reported when these cylinders blew up due to gas leakage.

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Earlier this year in April, A woman and her children were killed and five others were injured in an explosion that shook a residential building near Mosamyat Chowk on University Road. Initial investigations suggest the explosion likely occurred due to a gas leakage from the LPG cylinders kept in the eatery.

The restaurant was shut, the victims were descending from the stairs of an apartment behind the blast site and got caught in the explosion.

Moreover, in April 2020 neighbourhoods in the vicinity of Sunset Boulevard in Defence Housing Authority Phase-II extension jolted under the impact of a resounding mysterious blast, which left two injured, early morning.

The blast, caused by leaking LPG cylinders, occurred in a bakery located on the ground floor of a twostory residential building. More hazardous is the use of compressors to boost supply of gas in the pipeline.

The cheap improvisation has caused a number of casualties in the recent past. However, induction stoves and electric chapatti makers have also emerged as strong choice, because in winters there is no use of air-conditioners and fans so those who can afford an inflated power-bill happily go electric for cooking and heating.

Gas utility

The position of Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) also came to the fore on the problem of shortage of gas supply in Karachi. According to SSGC spokesperson Salman Ahmed Siddiqui, the demand for gas has suddenly increased due to the switching on of thousands of gas-powered geysers in the franchise areas of the SSGC in Sindh and Balochistan.

In addition, due to the onset of winter in Balochistan, the additional demand for gas has also increased. To meet this additional demand and to supply gas to domestic and commercial customers as its first priority, SSGC is working hard to manage the gas load according to its available resources. In this regard, the company had to cut off the supply of CNG and gas to the industrial sector on Sunday.

A sudden increase in gas demand could lead to low gas pressure in some areas, especially the areas at the end of the distribution lines.

The spokesperson said that complaints regarding gas can be lodged on 24/7 Operational Helpline 1199. The company's staff is ready to resolve the complaints promptly.


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