What Does Your Scented Candle Say About You?

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October 27, 2021

Have you ever thought about why you’re drawn to a certain scent or colour? Your body and your characteristics have a personality that causes you to be attracted to certain things over others, especially when it comes to scents, tastes, and colours.

When you shop for perfumes, you choose a fragrance that suits your personality. It’s the same with candles. Whether you’re into lavender therapy or like to sweeten things up with fruity flavours, your choice of scent can say a lot about you and your personality. Scents elicit different emotions and feelings, so before purchasing your new candle, decide how you’d like it to make you feel.

We have tried to get right into all the details and meanings behind the scents of your luxurious scented candles, and pull the curtain back on just what your favourite scents reveal about you!


You’re someone who really appreciates a clean space, which is why your go-to scent is lemon. After all, lemon has the ability to cut through just about any smell and deodorise a room in minutes. That’s why you burn this citrus scent to make your home smell fresh at all times. Your personality reflects strength, spontaneity, generosity, optimism, eagerness, and boldness. You need constant fun, variety, stimulation, and excitement yet, you always want to be the in-charge of all.


If cedar is your go-to choice, you’re a person who is always up for an adventure. You’re someone who gets charged and revitalised just by breathing in fresh air while hiking on your favourite trail. That’s why you’re always seeking your next adventure. But this scent will have to do during the chillier months when it’s not as comfortable hiking and biking outside. You are a born thinker, logical and like things organised. You can light these up while you are meditating.


It’s hard to go wrong with arguably the most popular scent of all time, vanilla. This scent signals that you’re a traditionalist, who veers more classic than trendy. It also speaks about your other character of being hard on the outside and soft on the inside. You’re someone who isn’t comfortable taking risks in life; you like to take things by the book. However, if things don’t go as per plan you have the tendency to mix with others and create beautiful outcomes.


Fruity scents remind us of passion and are loved by those who are homebodies. You could be attracted to apple-scented candles because it does not overpower the room. If you are one of them, you should know that your energy brings a lot of positivity to the lives of the people you love. It also depicts a part of your personality that naturally gives up your stage for your loved ones to shine. You always make sure that the people close to you are heard and appreciated.

Coffee Beans

Ever found yourself going to a coffee shop just for the aromatic therapy and not the actual coffee? If you can relate, you are an idealist. People who are perfectionists, trendsetters and spontaneous will fall in love with a coffee scented candle. You have a touch of sophistication and a hint of boldness, sometimes showing your sensitive side too. The optimistic character in you makes you a likeable person among all. The base note of vanilla will help to optimise the impulsive idealist that lies within you.


If you are a person who stays relaxed even in stressful times, then lavender is a bottled representation of you! You’re someone who really knows how to unwind and relax. That’s why lighting up this floral scent, which happens to be an aromatherapy wonder for its calming effects, is the first thing you do when you get home from work. The other end of your personality speaks about you being passionate, secretly romantic, and deeply in touch with your own emotions.


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