We are lucky to be living in a country where we have house help, maids: Hira Mani

The actor took to Instagram to share her thoughts while vacationing in the US

Entertainment Desk June 23, 2021

Actor Hira Mani believes Pakistanis are incredibly lucky to have the luxury of house help, something that isn’t available to her in the United States, where she is currently vacationing. The Meray Paas Tum Ho actor took to Instagram to share her views on the matter in a video where she can be seen filling up her car’s tank at a gas station.

“Something I appreciate very much is that women here do all of their work on their own. We live in a very fortunate country where we have a Tasneem or a Nazeera baji, who we can call out to if we need anything. And when you’re at a gas station, there are so many people present to help you fill up your car’s tank,” Mani says in the video. The actor captioned it, “Apna khana khud garam karo (heat up your own food),” a prominent feminist slogan in the country that came to prominence after the 2019 Aurat March.      

The starlet was recently in the news for having gotten mugged outside of her home in Karachi. She shared CCTV footage of the unfortunate occurring on her Instagram stories, showing two men on bikes ambushing her car on the road. The actor's sons had just gotten off when the robbers arrived and stole her cell phone, along with other costly belongings.

While sharing the videos, Mani relayed how her son Ibrahim became a source of distraction for the thieves but thankfully, the robbers did not pose any physical harm to anyone. Mani even dropped a message to them on social media later saying, “Dear mobile snatcher, I forgive you.”

The actor has previously said that she never wanted to be an actor per se. “I never wanted to be an actor. I was sort of a heroine in my own head. I grew up just wanting to find that real-life-hero and I somehow thought that would never happen because everyone around me was having affairs and of course, also breakups! I wanted the life that women lead in film: girl meets guy and falls in love and gets married and build a home. I think it’s probably because I grew up on so much Bollywood,” Mani shared in an interview back in 2018. 


Junaid | 2 years ago | Reply

This is so true we live in a blessed country where we have maids to help us lazy people... But wait... what about this Tasneem and Nazira baji are they also living in a khush kismet country where they are doing your work plus managing their own lives on a meagre salary Think about it... are they less human than us Aren t all humans created equal Do we treat them as equals Is our country equally khush kismet for everyone or only a chosen few

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