9 depression warning signs to look out for

Published: May 19, 2020


With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic showing no signs of slowing down, our lives have been altered and may not be turning to normalcy any time soon. Everyone is trying hard to stay positive and be as productive as possible while staying at home. However with little to no human interaction it can take a toll on our mental health. Many of us have friends and family who are now feeling a sense of hopelessness.

Many often casually throw around the term depressed and confuse a bad phase in life with the mental illness. So what exactly is depression and how can we assess and know for certain if what we are dealing with is depression? Depression is a serious mental health issue and despite the taboo surrounding it in our society,  mental health issues exist. As much as many people want to try and brush it under the carpet, it’s time we address the elephant in the room.

Determining whether the persistent and negative feelings are a result of depression can be the first step towards recovery. And so we rounded up a few signs as compiled by Help Guide you could use to assess whether you or someone you know, could be suffering from depression.

1. Hopelessness and helplessness


A sense of despair and lack of hope takes over you. It follows you around like a shadow and you feel stuck with no way to fight it.

2. Loss of interest in everyday activities


People often confuse a bad phase or rough days with depression. If you notice you have no energy or interest in your daily activities which you’d normally look forward to and it continues for over a few weeks, get yourself assessed.

3. Sleep patterns


You either sleep too much or become insomniac. There’s no in between.

4. Mixed emotions


You feel like you’re on a rollercoaster of mixed emotions; mostly negative and difficult ones. You often find yourself angry or agitated or just very low.

5. Self-loathing


Feeling unwanted and unworthy becomes constant. You often find yourself replying all the bad that has happened to you and sulk in guilt and regret. You keep blaming yourself and indulge in negative self talk and highlighting your flaws.

6. Reckless behaviour


There are chances you might find yourself behaving in ways you wouldn’t normally such as reckless driving, indulging in substance abuse and so on.

7. Loss of appetite or overeating

You would either eat too much or not eat at all.

8. Trouble concentrating

Depression affects your productivity significantly. You may find it hard to concentrate at work and make rational decisions.

9. Weight changes


You either gain weight or reduce a lot of weight.

It’s never a good idea to leave depression untreated. The symptoms may start small but eventually take over your life and affect your health significantly in a negative way. These can also result in suicidal thoughts or giving up on life with no hope of getting better. But with professional help and patience you can be well on your way on the road to recovery to lead a healthy and productive life.


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