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Published: October 11, 2019

Owner of Takhleek handmade jewellery, Zamzam Pervaiz is a self-motivated sculpture artist, painter and entrepreneur. She uses art as a way to express and share her feelings with others. She started her own jewellery line with a mission to make art a part of people’s lives. Zamzam speaks to us about how she started her journey, where she draws her inspiration from and so much more.

How and when did you become interested in jewellery?

Despite my contemporary sense of style, I have always been torn towards abstract and eccentric sense of fashion. I knew that collecting statement pieces was my everlasting infatuation. Holding on to my artsy self, I graduated from Punjab University College of Art and design with majors in sculptures. Going forward, my thesis was a display of my own experiences in life that are also common to everyone else. The pieces were made from iron wire. It was an abstract form of sculpture art. The amalgamation of my various interests gave birth to the idea of taking an initiative to forge the trend of handmade crafts. Earrings being my personal favourite accessory, hence, my brand came into existence. My interest started as simple curiosity. Before starting jewellery design, I tried to do various things: I worked as a sculptor, I explored many diverse materials, I wrote poetry in my free time, I got into photography, and worked on some freelancing projects within other disciplines. Most favourite part of my job is “The Variety”. I think one of the reasons I started my own business is that there are so many things I enjoy and with Takhleek I get to do them all. The basic idea was to create wearable art pieces inspired by modern art and sculptures for people who love to wear art. My inspirations helped a lot during the initial decision making process. The rest came naturally.

What are your favourite pieces of jewellery?

One of my most admired pieces in the public eye is “Hand painted earrings-07” also one of my personal favourites because of the warm colours and traditional feel, I always thought it came together perfectly. I always loved the vibe my wired pieces gave off and being able to incorporate it with my brand meant so much to me. “Wire series-08” in general was inspired by the wire man in a circle boundary; I did in my thesis work. “Hand painted earrings-08” an art form which always appealed to me the minimal and elegant style of line art again having incorporated in my work is just incredible.

Share a story with us about how you acquired one of your favourite pieces.

I always find inspiration and life in vivid colours. Even before Takhleek started, I used to wear accessories that I created myself. Apart from my own collection, a brushed metal bangle by YBQ is one of my favourite accessories.

Is there any piece you are emotionally attached to?

Every piece that I ever created for myself and my customers has a great value in my life. The amount of time and hard work that these small scale projects require make them a part of my life. I feel like I’m at point where I’ve spent so much time with each piece. I’ve put my heart and soul into each and every one from colour to size, the design after I’ve finally held a completed piece in my hand ; well the joy and relief can’t be explained so I’m not just saying this when i say every piece right now means so much to me! But, if I had to choose, this is a piece which at times I confide in; “Sculpture Series-06”. Due to the peaceful expression it exerts. I really relate with it being an introvert, I enjoy spending time with myself and working in a peaceful environment.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I am inspired by other contemporary artists who are making a living from their artworks like:

• Emma Ryan – Embellishhandmade

• Robyn Power – Shop.kaori

• Camila y Gabriela – Estilo _enpapel

• Kate bordessa – denzandco

• Kim Schubel – kim_can_drw

• Kennedy snidder – we_mumble

• Sarahiannucci – sm_iannucci

• Mara paris by Ayça Özbank Taşkan

My material itself inspires my design. All energies from life, nature, films, books, geometry and paintings inspires me. “My Sculpture and wire series” is inspired by modern art and sculpture. I try to design each collection with a unique state of mind, moving from one inspiration to another. Exploring and wandering around different parts of my artistic mind.

What is your signature piece or style?

I feel when you look at my work you can see how it exerts a certain feel but to describe it particularly in words has always been very difficult for me personally. I would say that my wire series would probably be my signature style since it has elements of my sculpture expertise incorporated with wires which is my personal touch since my university days. But most people have told me my hand painted earrings and the oval shape is what signifies my brand.

What is one thing a client should keep in mind when purchasing jewellery?

I make every piece from scratch for every order and it requires a lot of time. Being handmade and hand painted, I always ask my customers to be patient because good things take time. Secondly, I request everyone to support Pakistani artist no matter what form of art they choose because every artist needs appreciation to create more.

One jewellery trend you wish dies?

Everybody has their own personal preference when it comes to things like this. I don’t particularly hate a trend but I’ve seen some pieces where people have wrapped valuable stones in wires and I never understood why, you can wrap an average stone if that’s the feel you want but this just eliminates the radiance of more valuable stones.

Is there anything on your radar that you want to introduce in the future?

I am inspired by so many artists and products that I never stop creating. I have plans to introduce new designs and products soon. Apart from that, I have been developing a complete range of accessories that will be launched soon.

How is your jewellery brand different from the rest?

I always like to emphasise that my work is handmade from scratch. Shaping, sizing, cleansing, sanding, and mixing the colours, chains, hooks, packaging, product shoot, everything is personally done by me. Handmade stuff to me has always been so meaningful. In my case, every order I receive is made fresh in a span of two to three days depending on the piece, and I put all my care into ensuring that it’s perfect. Every piece my customers receive has all my love and care in it which I feel makes a special connection between us.

What’s next for Takhleek?

Currently, I’m working on some new collections including earrings and necklaces. Through this collection, my main aim is to turn my sculptures into wearable art, affordable to everyone who wants to wear stylish and chic jewellery on different occasions. It’ll be made of wire and other jewellery materials. Takhleek will continue to evolve, full of energy and surprises. When I look back, I see that we have achieved a lot. It makes me excited about the future. We currently have clients from all over Pakistan. My jewellery has been to places that I’ve never visited myself. It’s fascinating. I’m currently developing new earrings that are more accessible and wearable for every day. Also there are so many things to mention- Next year is going to be busy, focusing on growing the business and creating more accessibility for international customers. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @takhleekhandmadejewelry to look forward to our future projects.

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