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Everything you need for a smooth sailing fashion week experience

March 12, 2019

With FPW SS’19 upon us, we have you sorted with all the things you need for a smooth sailing fashion week experience

Protein Bars: Fashion week can get long and exhausting; protein bars will help keep your hunger pangs at bay and energy levels up.

Water Bottle: It is vital to stay hydrated throughout the night in order to stay fresh.

Avene Thermal Spray: Long hours can result in dull and dehydrated skin. Spritz some thermal spray for a fresh and hydrated look!

Fashion Week Pass: Keep your pass with you at all times especially to enter the venue.

Compact Mirror: Slip a compact mirror in your bag to make sure you’re shining throughout the night.

Portable Charger: With all the snapchatting and Instagramming going on throughout the night, your battery will run out of juice! Be sure to carry your portable charger with you, so you don’t run out of battery at a crucial time.

Camera: A camera is probably the most important, and irreplaceable, thing you can bring to Fashion Week. The photos you take are going to be worth a thousand words when you come home and to keep memories!

Gum: You’ll be doing a lot of talking and socialising on the red carpet so it’s always best to have fresh breath while you do so.

Bright Lip Colour: Keeping your lipstick handy is vital for fashion week. In case of an accidental smudge or just to top up in between breaks, pop it in your bag and freshen up as the night proceeds.

Comfy Shoes: You’ll be running around on the red carpet so don’t let your feet hate you and keep an extra pair of comfortable shoes or opt for comfortable yet stylish shoes.

Face Powder: It will get hot and your skin can get oily so it always helps to keep a face powder in your bag. It will not only help make your make-up last longer but it also prevents your make-up to melt.

Notebook and Pen: Fashion journos, take note!

Hand sanitizer: Keep yourself germs free and clean throughout the day!

Wallet: Make sure to keep some cash and don’t forget your business cards! Fashion week is a great way to network.

Wrist Watch: You’ll constantly be on your phone using Instagram and Snapchat, make sure you’re wearing a wrist watch to keep a track of time!

Shazam: Let’s face it; you’ll hear some really cool remixes at fashion week. So keep your Shazam app ready and update your music list as fashion week goes on!

Mini Perfume: Long night means your perfume can wear off, make sure to carry a handy perfume with you in order to smell good throughout the night!

Lip Balm: Keep a lip balm with you at all times to make sure your lips look supple and hydrated!


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