India can't stop freedom movement in occupied Kashmir: PM

Premier claims Pakistan's economy has improved in last four months

Tribune Report January 07, 2019
Pakistan's economy has improved during last four months: PM. SCREEN GRAB: YOUTUBE/TRT

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said despite New Delhi's many attempts, India will never be able to suppress the freedom movement of the people of Occupied Kashmir.

The premier made the remarks while sitting down for an interview with Turkish state broadcaster TRT World.

PM Imran said Islamabad wanted dialogue with India but New Delhi has refused the country's many peace overtures. He said the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government is involved in human rights violations in the Indian occupied Kashmir.

After pellet guns, Indian forces to unleash new lethal weapon on IoK protesters

The prime minister said Pakistan is facing multiple crises. However, the government will effectively solve all these challenges in due time.

He claimed the country's economy had improved in the last four months of his government's tenure.

Imran Khan said when his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party came into power, the country was facing a record current account deficit. However, China has turned out to be "a breath of fresh air" at this critical juncture.

To a question, the premier said Islamabad wanted relations with the US based on equality and "we are ready to become an ally with the United States for peace in Afghanistan."


Bunny Rabbit | 2 years ago | Reply Why cant both the countries start some collective projects in tihs IoK or PoK like joint venture hospitals / schools ?
Cikgu A.M. Khan | 2 years ago | Reply As regards Indopak relations, both estranged Pakistan and Bharat should sit and talk privately on reconciliation as brothers from basically the same womb and accept the reality that only peace is the answer if they love their people. First of all they must 'reeducate and reorientate their media towards peace. Secondly the religious extremists and irrational nationalists have to be neutralized. A situation of trust deficit has to be removed through exchange of culture, literature and trade with open borders for travel and student exchange. A concept of the European Union should be adopted whereby they jointly confederate loosely in matters of external affairs and defence of the Indopak Subcontinent and internal trade. Countries like Afghanistan, Sri Langka, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Bangladesh should be brought into the confederation. Punjab Suba and Jammu _Kashmir Valley be given equal status as the other independent Indopak states. Perhaps a name change for this whole region might be more relevant by the simple name Indopak. India be strictly termed Bharat and not India anymore as Pakistan in actuality is the geographical and political India as the Indus flows mainly through geographical Pakistan. May the Almighty God put some sense into the minds of the leaders and people of this vast Indopak Subcontinent! Humbly from Cikgu A.M. Khan
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