Review: TCL C6, moving up the weight

Compared to the P6, the company has taken a large leap in terms of the emphasis placed on visual clarity

//Tech Desk December 21, 2018

Pakistan's booming 4K market has become an area where international brands attempt to diversify their products. Recently we got the TCL C6 4K 55-inch TV for review and before we break down the details, here's a quick look at the specs.

The 55"4K Ultra HD Smart TV has:

3840*2160 pixels display

CPU - CA53*4 64bit 1.1GHz

GPU - Mali T860 MP2 480MHz

2.5 GB of DDR


16 GB of internal storage

4000:1 contrast ratio

Built-in Chromecast

HDR 10

Micro Dimming

Harman Kardon sound bar

3 HDMI slots

Headphone jack

60hz refresh rate

Google Assistant


With slim bezels, TCL has continued with its minimalistic approach. The company has always gotten plaudits for its visual prowess but with the C6 they've upped a notch.

Starting from the top, the submerging shape makes it an interesting design decision. The seamless design built as a mirror image of its opposite sides has an added emphasis because of the Harman Kardon speaker layer at the bottom. The sound bar gives the metallic chassis and outward push making it a stand out design decision. Aesthetically speaking the C6 hits all the right notes.

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One sensitive issue with the unit is mainly related to the lever that holds the TV together on a table. Since the support takes the entire weight from the middle of the device, the TV is in danger of falling over if the wrong weight is applied on the screen.

Performance and Display

With the HDR 10 system and Micro Dimming ability, the device captures texture to the tiniest detail. This is arguably the device's greatest feature. We tested all sorts of content to test its visual ability. From FarCry to Fortnite, we tested its visual engine to the maximum.

Subject matter from sunny beaches, fluorescent shades of Fortnite, cold winter environment North of the wall (Game of Thrones) - the C6 has the potential to process enhanced visuals owing mainly to the wide colour gamut employed that exaggerates primary colours. With overflowing colours dominating the visual landscape and reducing any distortion in terms of texture, the display captures details in a uniform manner.

Compared to the P6, the company has taken a large leap in terms of the emphasis placed on visual clarity.

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For darker themes, the device has a good contrast ratio with the material maturing well in the dark background, however, there were cases where the background had pixelated results.

All in all, the device excelled at brighter subject matters much to our surprise but struggled slightly with darker images. The Wide Viewing Angle feature is always a necessity in a 4K set and its benefit here is apparent.


The Harman Kardon sound system as expected delivers the right sound mix. The choice of speakers enhances the credibility of the TV set with a known sound system installed.

Apart from the aesthetic value of the soundbar, the audio quality leaves a mark. From hard bass to more subtler noises, the HK sound unit creates the right balance. Many comparisons are made with the Dolby surround sound. Users usually differ in their experiences with both systems so the argument generally is relative owing to a degree of conflicting interests.

Personally, we thought unless you are an avid Dolby voter, you are likely to enjoy the HK speakers. Some devices have used the two in combination (Samsung) which enhances certain aspects of the audio quality but generally speaking, the C6 is singing the right tune.

Android OS

Last time we got our hands on the TCL P6, we were disappointed to know that the company employed the ROKU operating system. Thankfully, TCL has knocked on Android's doorstep with the C6. The Android 7.0 OS took us by surprise as we expected the Marshmallow (Android 6.0) version which is more currently applied.

With Google PlayStore, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube preinstalled, the OS takes us into more familiar territory. The ease of usage with the interface bodes well with users who want to use a device that is sophisticated enough yet easy to use.

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Priced at Rs 124,900, the device is still a little pricey when you think of the average low budget 4K television - but its specs make up for the price.


When concluding, we normally ask ourselves one simple question. Would you buy this device? The answer is a straightforward yes. All variables combined - price, specs, quality - the device has the right mix.

Despite witnessing slight bumps with darker content, the C6 is a reasonable 4K television that outdoes expectations. It may definitely be what TCL could be known for.




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