Review: TCL P6, 4K leads the way

Published: May 25, 2018


With the global rise of 4K TV sets, Pakistan hasn’t exactly adopted the trend. Many constraints are cited as a reason for this slow enthusiasm.

High prices in a country with low incomes seem like an obvious barrier but there is the elite segment who are generally takers of 4K television sets. TCL aims to alter the market trend a bit and offer 4K TVs for a lower price range.

Recently, we received the 50″ P6 UHD TV from TCL and before we dwell into the details, let’s take a look at the specifications.

The 50-inch Ultra High Definition TV boasts a minimalist design with a narrow bezel (4.8mm) and a slim body (9.8mm). P6 contains the CPU 2 and GPU 2 units along with a Linux Operating System. For the High Dynamic Range (HDR), the P6 comes with the basic HDR 10 version.

Here is a list of some of the specifications:

4K Ultra High Definition

(3840X2160 pixels)

Linux OS


Wi-Fi (2.4)

HDMI2.0 (3)

USB 2.0 (2)

CPU 2 +GPU 2, 1.0GHz

Memory: 1G DDR

Flash: 8GB

Dolby Audio


In terms of the design, the TV boasts an ultraslim 4.8mm bezel in line with its minimalist design. With a glossy, black finish on the bezel and a matte finish on the back of the chassis, the TV certainly gets plus points for its look.

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It doesn’t have a curved screen but with the thin bezel, slim body and glossy look, curvy edges aren’t really missed.


Although the Dolby sound does do justice to the TV, it misses the Harman Kardon stamp that the X3 model has.

In terms of sound quality, the P6 captures surround sound well with the Dolby 5.1 surround sound. While testing high base levels, the Dolby speakers managed to capture sound pitches to a good level, especially for the more rigid Warfare games. Call of Duty WWII, for example, had a combination of high blasting sounds with more subtle bullet noises. The TV maintained the balance pretty well.



The TV checks out the first few basic tickers that are seen in a 4K TV: Ultra HD resolution, basic HDR support and a native refresh rate of 60Hz.

In terms of colour, the TV is able to capture density in a very convincing manner especially in terms of primary colours that stood out more than the lighter shades. The P6 was more susceptible to rich contrasts with the Monochrome display hailing a lot of plaudits for its stark black and white contrasts.

For more bright beach displays though, the TV struggled a little bit but excelled in displaying darker themes owing to outstanding contrast ratio and good black uniformity. Micro dimming had a part to play in such stark displays but the feature is comparatively less in play compared to more pricey models.

The P6 offers HDR 10 support which generally intertwined well with the Linux OS interface. We did wish that more advanced HDR versions would be adapted like the Dolby vision but the HDR 10 seems like the obvious choice for the price.

While playing Fortnite on Play Station 4, the neon rays beeping through the middle and other fluorescent colours blazing through the screen were well captured by the P6.

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The Linux OS provides a decent interface for a smooth functioning of the smart TV features. TCL used the Roku OS for its American versions that garnered a lot of praise. The Linux OS wasn’t as detailed as one would like but shouldn’t usually be a problem. T-cast made it easier to project your smartphone on the 50-inch display although there can be some debate whether Chromecast and an Android OS would make a bigger difference.

In terms of the ease of functioning, the TV made it easier to access Netflix. The streaming giant has recently made strides in Pakistan’s online streaming market. TCL made sure the P6 prioritises the service well.


The device retails at Rs 75,900, that’s less than an iPhone 8. A 4K TV boasting all the basic UHD specs for that price seems like an easy decision. You can, of course, get high-end 4K TV’s for over double the price and it would be worth it, but if you’re looking for a more modest option price wise, TCL P6 seems like the right fit.

Of course, the TV misses certain indicators (Dolby vision, backlight full array dimming) but overall it hits the right notes.

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