KARACHI: Upcoming film Parwaaz Hai Junoon (PHJ) is all set to hit screens on Eidul Azha. With other star-studded releases scheduled for the same day, its important to realise that PHJ will face tough competition at the box office. While the film has released tracks that many seem to enjoy, it seems like PHJ is still falling behind Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 (JPNA2) and Load Wedding.

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The latest song from PHJ titled Naache Re was claimed to be the biggest and perfect shaadi song of the season. However, we beg to differ.


Proving to be a disappointment from the start, Naache Re kicks off with Hania Aamir lip-syncing to Zeb Bangash’s vocals – a voice that does not seem to suit the actor at all. Jabbar Abbas lends his soulful voice to the male leads in the song making Naache Re strong on vocals.


Kubra Khan sure seems to look breathtaking in her pink wedding lehnga but it’s evident that she is not given enough screen time. Of course, Hamza Ali Abbasi’s performance was long due. The Waar actor jumps on to the dance floor to shake a leg but for some reason, we cannot seem to take him seriously. Whether it’s his Twitter rants or his political stance that poses him as a not-so-fun guy, Hamza as an actor is hard to digest now.


Considering that Naache Re was supposed to be a wedding song, there had to be some dancing – somewhere – at least one lost soul in the crowd breaking into some moves. But all we saw was Hania, Hamza and Shaz not putting in any effort to what was supposed to be the biggest track of their film. None of them – I repeat – NONE of them could dance for their life.

Hania looks like a lost child at a wedding and is somehow forced to stay on the dance floor or else she’ll be abducted. Shaz feels relieved that he’s finally getting married – something that he never thought would happen in his life – but he hasn’t really found the right medium to show his happiness. Hamza, on the other hand, is not happy at all. Whether it’s his decision of not being a part of JPNA2 that he regrets or that he was asked to sign the film on gun-point, we cannot decipher. However, one thing is for sure, PAPPU CAN’T DANCE. Oh, we mean Hamza. Hamza can’t dance…


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Overall, the song did well with the vocals. However, it was the music and beats along with the cast that made sure it doesn’t become the biggest wedding song of the season. At least not in our playlist.

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