Domestic troubles: Man arrested on the charge of strangulating wife

Suspect took the body to hospital claiming she died of breathing complications

Arsalan Altaf March 25, 2018

ISLAMABAD: The capital’s police have arrested a young man who had allegedly strangled his wife on Thursday night, and later accused her of ‘poor character’ and for having ‘illicit relations’.

Curiously, after committing the deed, the suspect allegedly transported the 24-year-old woman’s body to the hospital where he claimed that she had died a natural death.

But when doctors noticed finger marks on her neck during the subsequent examination, they called the police and turned the suspect in.

Man arrested for slaying wife in Lower Mohmand

Police claim that the suspect, identified as Rizwan Kiani, had confessed to killing his wife, a mother of three during questioning later.

“The victim had breathing problems. Kiani gave her sleeping pills and later he strangled her as she slept. Because she was asleep, there was almost no resistance,” a police officer told The Express Tribune.

After killing her, the suspect took the body to the hospital. He even took her medical file which listed her history of asthma. At the hospital, he told doctors that she died due to breathing problems.

As doctors examined her body, they noticed bruises on her neck and other signs which suggested foul play.

Man nabbed for ‘sexually assaulting stepdaughter’ in Karachi

After the police took him into custody and interrogated him, the suspect confessed to killing his wife.

He explained that he had killed her because of her ‘bad character’ and alleged that the victim allegedly had ‘relations’ with two men who visited their house.

Police, however, have discounted his claims, suspecting he was just making this up as an excuse to justify his actions.

“The suspect also allegedly tried to kill her in the past,” stated the police officer.

The couple had married in 2007 and had three kids together, including two daughters and a son.

The woman’s brother later told the police that the suspect had been mistreating his wife soon after they married. However, she put up with the abuse for the sake of her children.

Indian man arrested after beheading wife, walking around with her head

Murder solved

Meanwhile, the capital police have managed to solve a murder case which had been pending since last year.

On November 7, 2017, police had found the body of a young woman dumped in a seasonal stream (nullah) near the Sector G-12 Service Road, opposite Sector G-13/3.

The woman’s head bore injuries and the police believed that she had been murdered after being struck on the head with a blunt object and her assailant had then dumped her body overnight.

The police found no clues from the crime scene which could help identify her or her assailant.

Police kept her body at a hospital mortuary for a few days. But when no one came to claim the body or identify her, police resorted to the usual practice of burying the body temporarily.

The Ramna police, though, had registered a murder case against unidentified attackers.

On Saturday, police said they had managed to solve the case and had arrested her alleged killer.

Moreover, police said that they had also managed to identify the woman as 35-year-old Bismeena.

The alleged culprit was identified as Khursheed Khan, a resident of Swabi in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Two cops injured in exchange fire

Two police officials and two youngsters were injured after they allegedly traded fire on Lehtrar Road late on Friday night.

Police said constables Zafar Iqbal and Zulfiqar Ali from the Koral precinct were out patrolling on a motorbike when they encountered a few youngsters near the Jhangi Syedan U-turn on Lehtrar Road.

Officers said one of the youngsters was allegedly carrying a pistol, which prompted the officials to nab him.

When the policeman tried to grab the boy carrying a pistol, suddenly, around four or five of his fellows allegedly opened fire on the two constables.

One official was shot in the abdomen while the other in his left leg. Police say two of the youngsters were also injured, though by fire by their own fellows.

A statement issued by the police said that after being shot, the two officials fell down. However, they somehow managed to arrest two of the youngsters who had been injured by their own fellows who managed to flee.

Police also recovered a pistol from the two suspects, while raids are underway to nab the rest. Suspects have been booked for terrorism and attempted murder.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 25th, 2018.

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