Trend Report 2018

Published: January 3, 2018

Hallelujah it’s 2018, which means we’re ready to welcome new trends and ditch the old. While some trends have been done to death, others should never have been a trend in the first place. Here’s the list of trends we’re so ready to bid adieu to and the ones we’re welcoming with open arms!

Ditch The Trend


It’s time to banish excessive contouring. We’re tired of seeing make-up tutorials promoting perfectly sculpted cheekbones, contoured necks, ears and other body parts, but can you just not!

Off-Shoulder Tops 

Another trend that has been done to death! Off-shoulder tops *sigh* They’ve been in stores, online, worn by every celebrity, all our friends and even made their way to wedding attire. *Major eyeroll* It’s time to give off-shoulder everything the cold shoulder.


Okay okay everyone made a statement with fancy sliders but the footwear of the 2017 is ready for retirement. The trend also sparked a craze for furry sliders and we are well and truly done!

Ripped jeans

Yes yes they’re cool and look great at the beach, but really guys, it’s time to give the ripped jeans a rest for a while. They’ve been done to death and it would be nice to see everyone in normal jeans for a change!


Thanks but we’ll pass! We’re so over this accessory that people felt the need to wear with EVERYTHING. Give it a rest sistas!

Fringe Detailing

Fringed earrings, fringed shoes, fringed dupattas, fringed tops and fringed everything! While the boho-chic 70s trend made a comeback this year, we’re ready to see it move along.


Bring out the pastels because the ice-cream hued palette is big news in 2018. From washed out yellows to soft pinks and powder blues, pastels are here to stay and hallelujah for that!

Dramatic Eyeliner

Make a statement this season with dramatic eyes. Seen on the runways of a handful of designers, tracing it thick around both sides is the way to go. So go on, let your eyes do the talking!

Vibrant Stripes

Next season we’re going bold. We’re opting for the brightest and boldest stripes. Style them up with metallic hues or dress them down with denim and wedges.

White Accessories

For all your summer staples, think white. From your sunglasses to bags, your belts and shoes, white is the way forward in the coming year. All white accessories will give your outfits a chic and classic look, and obvs that’s the only way we know how.


Yup, you read right. Plastic! It’s a thing. Think PVC, think transparent overcoats and plastic shoes. Try this season’s latest trend and look fantastic in plastic!

Micro Bags 

We’ve seen small and now get ready to see even smaller. The micro bag is the cutest accessory you’ll own in 2018 and perfect for days when you have minimal essentials to carry with you. Pair it with straight jeans and a tee and you’ll be good to go.

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