Rainfall expected in Karachi, other parts of Sindh next week

Published: November 11, 2017
PHOTO: Express/File

PHOTO: Express/File

The meteorological department has forecast rainfall in many cities and towns of Sindh including the provincial capital, Karachi, from Monday.

A statement issued by the Pakistan Meteorological Department on Saturday read that a weather system generating in the west would enter the country on Sunday night and could cause light showers in Karachi on Monday.

Other districts of the province are also likely to receive the showers.

The weather system entering the country from the west will also cause thunderstorms and heavy downpour in Quetta, Sibbi, Naseeabad and Makran districts of Balochistan.

The weather forecast comes a day after similar prediction for Punjab and Khyber-Pakthunkhwa (K-P), bringing respite for the smog-hit provinces.

Punjab still haunted by smog: Air travel, transportation disturbed

According to the meteorological department, rainfall with thunder was expected on Sunday night in K-P, Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Islamabad and upper Punjab.

The downpour is expected to clear the sky of smog that has affected visibility in many areas of Punjab and K-P, causing a number of accidents.

Multiple flights – both domestic and international – have been suspended throughout the region. The smog has also disrupted on ground transportation, leading to increasing difficulties for residents. Train schedules were also being changed in accordance with the weather conditions.

Dozens of protesters held a demonstration on Friday against the Punjab government’s failure to address the environmental woes affecting the province. Those who were part of the demonstration urged the government to declare a health emergency due to prevalent heavy smog in the province.

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