In defiance: Banned outfit challenges government writ

Police sieged the press club where Hizb-ut-Tehrir had planned a seminar.

Azam Khan April 15, 2011


In defiance of the writ of the government, Hizb-ut-Tehrir, a banned outfit, had planned to hold a seminar at the National Press Club on Thursday to rally for a Khilafat system in the country.

This was among numerous other attempts by the organisation to challenge a government ban on its activities.

The capital police, however, foiled the attempt. Attired in riot gear, the police laid siege to the National Press Club where an exhibition was to be held to promote and rally for “Khilafah - the alternative system the world is waiting for”. The police stormed the press club and confiscated books, charts, CDs and other material.

The organisation has successfully held numerous protests and rallies in recent days, attracting attention and media coverage. However, by holding a planned seminar and that too at the National Press Club, the organisation demonstrated how organised and well-funded it is despite a several year ban on its activities.

When contacted on phone, workers of the organisation termed the police action a “conspiracy of Kuffar (non-muslim) against the Khilafat”. The text message read, “This [police action] proved that the [present] Kuffar regime does not want the Ummah to know about the system of the Khilafah.” Another text message sent by the organisation members said, “We urge media not to be a silent spectator.”

An official of Interior Ministry raised questions as to why the banned outfit was allowed to hold a seminar at the National Press Club. To this, the president of the National Press Club, Afzal Butt, responded, “That was a mistake of some of my friends.” He added, “It is against our policy to allow such organisations to hold functions at the club.” However, invitation cards of the seminar, also sent to all major news agencies, bore signatures of the National Press Club Secretary.

According to sources, the banned outfit is planning countrywide rallies with the slogan “Eject America, remove the treacherous rulers and bring back the Khilafah”. A pamphlet of the outfit read, “A huge wave of change has spread throughout the Ummah. Muslim youth have taken to the streets against tyrant and treacherous Muslim rulers.”

A recent gathering outside the National Press Club on Monday raised concerns when, Hafiz Saeed, the chief of another banned outfit Jamaatud Dawa, addressed a gathering while being provided security protocol from the city police.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 15th, 2011.


Shahzaib | 10 years ago | Reply @ Hassan So who’s going to be the Khalifah? Why don't we ask these questions before a parliament takes effect, why is it not that important a question then? Clearly, in a democracy, even hung parliaments and 43% fake votes work, but when it comes to khilafah, we find even the minutest of problems to be worth calling the whole thing off. Do 100% people, in any country of the world, unanimously elect a leader? Of course not. If you, sir, are a Muslim and believe in the concept of Islamic government and wish to be run it then you are eligible to be the next Kahlifah, If there are more like you then the one on whom the consensus will be chosen, but irrespective of who that person is, he will rule by the Ahkam of Allah S.W.T, in his own self he will have no power for power resides with Allah S.W.T
Ahmed Khan | 10 years ago | Reply @Hasan: That is why those seminars were set-up to discus and explain to people the Khilafah as an alternative political system which also include the process involve in selecting the Khalifah. When the entire political, Social and Economic system is replaced from current garbage systems to Islamic system which is from our creator Allah(swt) and as applied by our believed prophet(sas) then why you would think people will have issue with this system or the Khalifah who is a representatives of this system? Do you think Zardari and his gang is liked by people ok Pakistan or selected by there choice? Isn’t he the biggest reason for the condition of Pakistan, is he not applying policies that are against the interest of people of Pakistan and Islam, giving complete control to US to do whatever, Destroy the economy of the country completely? Why will anyone have issue replacing this Zardari puppet of west and US with the leader who will reject America, control the security of muslim and apply the just system that is from Allah(swt) and make the real change that is progressive and bring glory back to this Ummah. At the end we are muslim and we submit to Allah completely to his rules and guidance and many of this rules and system cannot be applied with the Islamic Khilfah state. Why is it so hard to understand.
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