T.Edit’s guide to Chand Raat

Published: June 18, 2017

Ramazan is almost over and the festive season is in full swing! Here’s a run-down of what we’ll be doing this Chand Raat to have a fun-filled night out!

Churros and chai

First things first, a cup of tea or coffee with a scrumptious dessert, is mandatory after iftar to satisfy those cravings. We’re heading to Desi Gali for their strong cup of elaichi chai and to overdose on D’OH Karachi’s mouthwatering nutella dipped churros. If you’re in Lahore, Pantry (Packages Mall) and Sweet Affairs are two ideal places for tea and light snacks before starting your shopping spree!

Shoe shopping

It’s true when they say a girl can’t have enough shoes, so next we’re headed to shop for traditional shoes to go with our Eid outfits. Just so we have plenty of choices, we pick Zamzama as an ideal place for formal shoes with many shops in one vicinity. Liberty Market is the place to be in Lahore on Chand Raat if you’re looking for khussas to go with your Eid ensemble!

Mehndi and Bangles

Chand Raat is not the real deal without mehndi and bangles and so our desired destination is Gulf Shopping Market where one can find ample variety of bangles and mehndi artists. Visit Old Anarkali if you’re in Lahore to find a huge variety of bangles and mehndi places.


Most women get done with their Eid shopping errands before Chand Raat but if you’re one of those who shops last minute, head over to Dolmen Mall or Ocean Mall for a wide array of choices under one roof. Men too can go to one of these malls for their kurta shopping! Packages Mall would be the right pick for eleventh hour clothes shopping in Lahore.


A relaxing salon and spa session is important before Eid and Bina Khan Salon is the perfect spot for it with their extensive services, offering facials, hair treatments and styling and manicure/pedicures. Mariam Khawaja Salon is a great option if you’re in Lahore and looking for a nice blowout, manicure/pedicure and other beauty treatments.

Movie time

And before we call it a night, we make our way to Nueplex Cinemas to watch a movie with friends and family! If you’re in Lahore wanting to end your Chand Raat with a movie, visit Cine Star Cinema or Imperial Cinemas for good night-long entertainment with friends and family.


Now that we’ve crossed off most the things on our shopping list, dinner is on our mind! We’ll be making our way to Xander’s to have their absolutely delectable smoked salmon club sandwich and blue cheese pizza. Head over to Chilli Chutney or Café Jade for delicious dinner choices in Lahore!

Mithai Shopping

The occasion of Meethi Eid calls for lots of mithai and sugary delights! Our go-to places for traditional sweets are Sony Sweets and Bombay Bakery! Chashni Mithai is a great option if you’re looking for fresh mithai in Lahore.

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