The notepad: Sanam Saeed

Published: December 18, 2016

The renowned actress and model, Sanam Saeed, talks to us about what she has learnt about her co-stars on the sets of Dobara Phir Se

Ali Kazmi

Ali talked a lot and I zoned out a lot. Kudos to him for being so positive, friendly, loving and kind. I think I was really mean sometimes because I just wasn’t in the mood to talk, and he would just talk relentlessly. But what I admire is that he never got defensive. I think he knew I didn’t mean it like that. When you’re feeling down he’s the person to be with, he’ll cheer you up with his energy.

Mehreen Jabbar

Mehreen is great to work with because she really digs deep into all the characters, is always up for rehearsals and sticks to realistic characterisations. She gives very little direction, which is good sometimes but as an actor often times you crave a little bit of direction. She’s very soft-heated, giggly and a lot of fun to be around. To me she’s like a big sister and a ringmaster. I’d work with her in a heartbeat!

Hareem Farooq

The best thing about Dobara Phir Se was that we all really got along in the girls house. Everyone had a place. Hareem was the messy child. We’d be cleaning up after her, putting sticky notes to remind her to do the dishes and waking her up in the morning. She is very easy to get along with, no ‘ugh my time in the mirror’ problem. We helped each other out and had each other’s back.

Tooba Siddiqui

I have known Tooba for many years as we started modelling at the same time. We never interacted though; we would keep to ourselves. It was nice to spend time and work with a chill girl who was on my wavelength. Tooba would help us with styling tips and shopping — she made me buy $300 jeans! She’s fun to be around and she’s a great actress too. With Tooba and Hareem, there was none of the catty competition and drama.

Shaz Khan

I did two scenes with Shaz in Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu. He was bald back then and played the sleazy guy who hits on me at a party. In Dobara Phir Se I discovered he’s a ball of energy, who is really passionate about his work, and turns out we were in class three together! He was a scrawny jinga back then, who was really fast at running. Now he’s an Americanised gora whose body has completely transformed. He’s positive, has great energy and is a great dancer too.

Adeel Hussain

Adeel and I started our acting careers together with Mehreen Jabbar, so I’ve known him for a while. He is very spontaneous and serious about his work. Sometimes you may not understand what he is doing but it comes off brilliantly on screen, so he knows his work thoroughly. Though, Adeel is very serious, I think spending time with us has helped him loosen up a bit.

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