The notepad: Samah Mudasar

Published: December 11, 2016

Samah Mudasar, the young and talented make-up artist, shares her seven favourite make-up trends this winter!

The arty liner

This trending new dimension to the classic eyeliner is all the rage. Transform your eyeliner into modern and graphic strokes. From straight lines to sharp angles, make-up artists are reworking the traditional form of brush stroke-style.

The dark lip

Drawing attention to the lips always makes the face look more harmonious. Dark lips are all the rage this season; celebrities and make-up artists around the world have been seen wearing burgundy, maroon, black and navy lipstick. Enjoy experimenting this winter!

The fluorescent make-up

Electric looks are making a comeback into the world of make-up. Neon coloured eyes and lips give that ultra-vibrant look, which is both strong and feminine.

The smoky eye

The smoky eye never goes out of fashion. This winter, try the smoky eye in rich shades such as black, rust, burnt orange and burgundy. Pick your favourite colour and go all out. Get ready to raise the temperature.

The silver touch

These subtle touches can add so much character to your look. Whether it’s a light stroke under the eye, or a thick liner, the metallic silver touch is all you need this season to stay on trend.

The glossy lip

Winter is known for the dryness it comes with, so why not gloss up the lips. Glossy lips are everyone’s go-to this season, and the ultra-wet look is a big yes!

The glitter eye

Upgrade your beauty kit with lots of sparkle and shine. Whether you prefer monochrome or want to incorporate all the colours of the rainbow, be sure to rock that glittery eye this season.

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